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Battle of the Atom was a waste of time, this was the only real thing that came out of it (aside from Kymera joining Wolverine's X-Men, but we all know that that is going to be forgotten). I like how someone switched over to Scott's side, and I like how it was Kitty, but Kitty seems to be a lil schizophrenic. Her reasons for switching teams still have me baffled. I don't know, not feeling this book. X-Men is way better than this.

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I agree about the need for a direction but I also feel as though that may just be from the view of someone who is used to continuous storylines. It almost seems as though he is doing a serious of one-shots, but I don't mind except for the fact how the "Defenders" team is slowly getting larger. I agree as well about the need for exploring more characters, especially ones like Clea (who hasn't been seen for ages) and Dani Moonstar (who has had her power set switched so often you have to wonder what's going on in her mind). The writing I think is really good though. Some of the best writing of female characters I've encountered.

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The only reason why everyone HATES this book is because they killed off Mettle. That's where this all started, nobody cared about Red Raven or Kid Briton or Nara. A few people cared about Juston. And do I like the book? No, I'm just interested to see where this will go. Maybe he's tweaked a few characters, but the number of writers who have drastically changed a character for no end other than shock value (Cassandra Cain anyone?)... I think that Mr. Hopeless could've done a better job (and cop up with a more original idea, i mean seriously has there not been a lawsuit yet), but we aren't a writer, and I don't think it's fair the way that everyone has been railing away on him.

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yes this game feels a lot like the previous two but perhaps we are setting too high a standard. Rocksteady didn't make this game, and I have to give Warner Bros Montreal credit for a solid effort. Theres nothing bad about it at all, it's just not quite as good. I've still thoroughly enjoyed playing it and I will probably still be playing it 4 months from now.

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Ewww who is doing the voice acting for Wonder Woman and Batman. Sorry, I probably couldn't do a better job but still. I want to avoid griping, but the New 52 is boring and the first arc of Justice League was just a big punching fest. I think I'll stick to Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and keep some good memories.

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A rather dumb event in my opinion. I had hoped that they would've sent the All-New X-Men back to the future, but no, Marvel wants to play out that rather uninteresting card. I do feel as though Kymera will get forgotten too, or maybe they are just trying to undo the ridiculous "Storm and Black Panther divorced" line. I liked the ending though, even if it did seem a little out of character. Annoyed that the Brotherhood escaped as well, the last we need is more temporal copies running around 616. I was really enjoying most of the X-Men books too, hope that they will get back on track.

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This event has been rather boring. I'm still trying to figure out what the plot really is. Builders attack Earth and Thanos takes advantage of the distraction? All the buildup in Avengers and New Avengers has been kinda a letdown.

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I'm just enjoying Cheung's art :)(:

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I feel a little silly. I loved Viper.

The movie was good, absolutely. However, the ending was a little over the top. I also felt a little underwhelmed.

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Footnote: I thought that they crossed the line when they killed Billy Batson. I didn't think that that needed to be shown.