Spotlight On Warbird

I personally think that one relatively new character that Marvel has introduced does not get the credit that she is due. I am, of course, talking about Warbird.

Warbird was first introduced in Wolverine and the X-Men #1, as the bodyguard of Kid Gladiator, so of Lord Gladiator, Emperor of the Shi'ar Imperium. She starts off as mostly a background character, but she has found herself increasingly in the spotlight. Created by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, there wasn't really much to her in the beginning. But during the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover, her character is flushed out significantly and her origin is revealed.

Ava'Dara Naganandini always wanted to be a warrior, and forgive me for saying this, but she was the best there was at what she did. As a Warbird, she was elite, the creme-de-la-creme of the Shi'ar, almost a super-soldier of her species. But she wasn't perfect, for her greatest enemy was self-doubt, she saved the life of a child, when her orders were to slay all to complete her mission. She has a soft side, and she doubts herself. She draws, really well, but finds this talent pathetic and shameful for a warrior of her calibre. She is reprimanded and sent to Earth to guard the difficult Kid Gladiator. When Lord Gladiator arrives to fight the Phoenix, she eagerly leaps to his side, ready to die for the honour of her empire. She lives to carry the back the broken and beaten body of her liege. When the Shi'ar leave Earth, Warbird is left behind, for failing to obey the orders of her lord, for failing to protect Kid Gladiator. She takes up a post with Wolverine's X-Men, and tries to find new meaning to her life.

I find warbird to be by far one of the more amusing characters to have appeared in recent Marvel continuity, and a character whom I really hope sticks around. Her rather adult comments to Iceman leave me in stitches, and her inner dialogue in almost every book she is featured in really steals the show in every book that she is in. I have high hopes for this character and hope that she is not left by the wayside in the future.

What are your thoughts on this character?


DC Comics "New 52" plot

So, there has been a lot of debate about exactly what DC's New 52 initiative has meant for the DCU. I've read over a lot of the synopses for the issues, and I've gathered a few facts(?). 
-Superman and Lois Lane are not married. 
-Superman clearly has a completely new costume. 
-Earth seems to be new to Superman.  
-Superboy is COMPLETELY new. 
-His origins seem to be similar to his origins in the Young Justice television series. 
-Seems to be completely unfamiliar with Earth, given that her synopses say that she has "none of Superman's love for Earth." 
-She seems to be slightly younger given that her synopsis says that she has teenage angst, where I gather before she was more of a young adult.  
-Supergirl #2 alludes that she has a "trick up her sleeve". Potentially new powers.  
-Seems to be no different. He's still running Batman Inc., and Damian is still his son and they still seem to be partners. No new leaps here.  
-I know nothing about the character but the synopsis hints that he's exactly the same.  
-Where do I even begin...she walks.  
-It's said that "Barbara Gordon is back as Batgirl". This hints that she was indeed Oracle. So perhaps the chiefs at DC decided that they needed to magically repair her spinal column? 
-The synopsis says very little about what happened prior to #1 so all's up in the air at this point (interesting, as Batwoman was never a front-runner in the DCU). 
-They say that he's back, so I assume that he indeed WAS Batman but now he's back as Nightwing (Which is awesome because I hate it when there are more than one characters of the same name, and I do like Nightwing's new-ish costume).    
-POSSIBLY new. Possibly. The synopsis says "meet Catwoman." Then again, this could just be a publicity hype.  
Birds of Prey: 
-Apparently new. The team is apparently now covert ops. No mention of Oracle, or Huntress or any of them.  Black Canary seems to be on the run. Or something.
Red Hood and the Outlaws: 
 -Odd. Jason Todd was definitely the bad Red Hood, and is now the good Red Hood? Starfire doesn't seem to be different, if not for the fact how she's an Outlaw.  
-Red Arrow has his arm back. Need I say more. 
Green Lantern: 
-It isn't Hal Jordan, but Sinestro! 
-After War of the Green Lanterns, Sinestro was made a GL again, no problems here.  
-Interesting point. Who now leads the Sinestro corps? And why would they still be the Sinestro corps if Sinestro is no longer a...Sinestro? 
Green Lantern Corps: 
-Guy Gardner and John Stewart fit. 
New Guardians: 
-Don't know who the New Guardians are other than Kyle Rayner.  
-What happened to Ganthet? 
-Shouldn't there only be one Orange Lantern, given that the emotion is greed? Why would they share? 
Justice League of America: 
-Is this the first JLA team? Or did they disband the latest incarnation? (Batman, Jade, Supergirl, Congorilla, Starman, Jesse Quick, Donna Troy) 
-Is this Hal Jordan's only book? 
Justice League International: 
-What happened to Power Girl, Blue Beetle? 
-No problems.  
Wonder Woman: 
-Huh? Is Wonder Woman new to the outside world? 
The Flash: 
-No problem. 
Captain Atom: 
-Seems to be less in control. Other than that, nothing. 
The Fury of Firestorm: 
-Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond are HIGH-SCHOOL STUDENTS. Whereas before they're UNIVERSITY STUDENT. 
-They are new to the Matrix. 
Green Arrow: 
-Can't really tell. I thought Oliver Queen was just the mayor of Star City. Or was that formerly? Because apparently he's now head of "Queen Industries". 
The Savage Hawkman: 
-After Brightest Day, Shiera Hall (Hawkgirl) died, and there's no reference to her, so I assume she's dead.  
Mister Terrific: 
-No problems. 
-NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE. The synopsis for #1 says, "straight from the pages of Brightest Day". So it appears that Deadman's story picks up right whare it left off: with him dying again.  
Justice League Dark: 
-Completely new. 
Swamp Thing: 
-Swamp Thing IS back...but is he still the emotional embodiment of LIFE? Alec Holland is Swamp Thing. No longer does Swamp Thing THINK it is Alec Holland. 
Animal Man: 
Storm Watch: 
Suicide Squad: 
Teen Titans: 
-Damn this is where things start to get confusing. 
-Tim Drake is still Red Robin, different costume, no differences.  
-Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash (maybe) are all completely new to the scene.  
Static Shock: 
Hawk and Dove: 
 -The pair is still Hank Hall and Dawn.  
-Dove is dating Deadman. Continuing relationship from Brightest Day. 
-Noooo problems. This is the series (tied with Batman) that makes the most sense.  
Blue Beetle: 
-Same person, new character.  
Legion of Super-Heroes: 
-Hawk and Dove 
-Batman comics 
 WHAT?! :  
-Teen Titans  
-Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) 
-Justice Society 
-Power Girl 
-Wally West 
-Is Lex Luthor still dead. Did he ever exist in the first place? 
-And many others. 
Brightest Day happened. Blackest Night happened. I think that most (maybe all) of the storylines happened in the DCU, but somewhere along the line, there are new origins. Or something. Maybe it's a completely different DCU. Maybe its just chance that Dove and Deadman are dating and that Batman set up Batman Inc. Who knows? You decide.