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@UltimateSMfan: I always preferred Superman to be slower than Flash. Yeah Supes is my man but he shouldn't be the top dog in the speed division. He should be fast and not a pushover but that must be Flash's specialty. The way I see it, Speedforce should always be above Supes. Though I would have liked it better if that was Wally... Nyehehe! But still no biggie.

And I'm loving how Supes just shows he's the alpha male. This is what Supes should be.

I totally agree with the Flash being the fastest, but come on, Barry Allen is the Man!

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@Daveyo520 said:

First you won't date Hal, and now not Bruce. When will it end?! (ya, they would would both suck)

Who are people that are good to date? Besides Ezio.

Barry Allen
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: @Gambit1024 said:

This is proof that God exists and he likes Green Arrow.


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Not to take out the anger of collectors on this comment but these comics are a story and, like any other, most people rather read a good one. Good for DC, heck they've kept their comics at 2.99 to 3.99 unlike the outrageous 8 bucks for this one young avengers from Marvel(no offense Marvel, you're great but you've been slacking and caring about the collector more than the story you're trying to give readers). DC has really thought about what they're doing and, for the time being, they deserve most of the rewards but of course there has to be some mistakes. Of the new 52 I've read, I have only disliked one to two, so thank you DC for trying to bring some change and letting relatively new readers jump in on these stories.

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@Golden Cod: @Golden Cod said:

If half the Thor movie can take place in Asgard, then we can have a movie on Krypton / the Kandor bottle. It's all about execution though. It's like how no matter how well-written a script may be, there are some directors who can still ruin it.

yeah...and Zach Snyder isn't one of those directors

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I have so much faith in Geoff Johns especially because of his work on The Flash, and this first issue was simply amazing.