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Well, I like it. Especially how it changes with the hero. At first I only saw the GL one so for a second I thought DC was going eco-friendly or something.

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@DocFatalis said:

@girl_from_the_future said:

I can barely stand Batman in the DCU, not because I dislike his character but because he's too human and low-tech to be believable in the Justice League...he should be a Bat-Smear. No person without super-powers belongs there...much less a pre-teen boy.

Children are not cool. Never going to be.

I tend to agree with that. Batman can team up with the JL once in a while, but he really doesn't belong there. some will say "but it's his brains that makes the difference not his powers". Yeah, okay, how many characters in the JL are scientists or think super fast or are among the brightest minds existing etc...

Batman is a great character, one of my all-time favorites, but his place is in the streets and gutters of Gotham, not aboard a satellite or on alien planets facing people who can punch a hole through a mountain without breaking a sweat.

As for that children thing, I never really understood. according to me, this is a way for DC to kind of bond with their teen-age readers.

@DocFatalis: It doesn't apply to me necessarily, although I do like Teen Titans but I don't buy it, my teenage friend's pull list if filled with every hero that's a teen and GL.

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@Spiderslike said:

I don't think Mutants should count at all as humans because to me they aren't philosophically. Genetically you may be able to say they are still humans just with a mutation, but to me like Magneto and Apocalypse say they are the next step after humans so they aren't humans. To me however this is a good thing because this means Mutants are above humans on the food chain. They shouldn't be held to the same standards as humans, but should be held to their own standards just as every society has it's own rules so to should Mutants. If I were a mutant I would never claim I'm human in anyway that would seem insulting like calling a person a dog.

@Spiderslike: Well, being a big believer in the fact that being a mutant is a genetic anomaly, I feel as if that would be like saying that all people who are color blind should have their own society. Granted, mutant powers are much cooler than being color blind, but my point is still there. What if you were on the flip side? What if you were an average human in a world mutants? Humans can still think, so I don't know how much you would enjoy being compared to a dog.

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Although I agree with most saying Johns, one of my all time favorite writers, may not be the best choice to write Batman, he really knows how to impress. Secondly, I feel as though there has been so many Batman origins type books. At this point some seriously crazy stuff has to happen. Oh and Alfred being ripped: awesome.

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I really wish Detective Comics was better. I still want to get the issues because I have hope, but if doesn't get good soon then I'm switching to Batman and Robin.

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@MetropolisKid41: I was never a fan of believing that Batman and Bruce Wayne are two different people because it gives off the feeling that Bruce Wayne is schizo or multiple personalty disorder which isn't so. Bruce is self-absorbed by Batman but the character himself does not have D.I.D.

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The Flash or Superman. It would just be fun and I think its definitely doable. Many people think Superman would be over powered but there are ways around it.

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I agree with the moving Sheldon, but did anyone else see the Justice League episodes where the Flash dies and all the heroes start killing and the world loses it's free will? I somewhat agree with what the world would be like if heroes killed, but at the same time in the show they also kill humans so I hope it's just a robot.

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Given that DC has been putting out all od Sony's video game spin off comics (God of War, Uncharted, and inFAMOUS) getting a God of War/Wonder Woman spin off isn't too much of a stretch. And, with Diana's new direction, could be kind of awesome.

@walkingcarpet: How are InFamous and Uncharted spin offs?

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I always felt that Superman kinda had a love story feel with Lois affecting his decisions, but I'll definitely keep reading.