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Teen Titans and Red Hood are not edited by the Batman Editorial group. I believe that Eddie Berganza is in charge of those 2 books.

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The majority of cities taken seem to be different versions of Gotham and Metropolis. Brainiac is known for bottling the major city centers.

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@_andy_can: guess you missed the end of Cry for Justice when Ollie put an arrow through Prometheus' head. He dead.

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I don't think that Convergence will tie into Multiversity. However, it will take place on a world outside the multiverse shown on the Multiverse map with a question mark. Will this be where the Blood Moon is transported since it's currently in the new52 universe

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@omega_man_: Barbara has always been 21 in the new52. She was in high school during Zero Year. She's been written as more mature because of all the drama in her life. She had to grow up faster than normal because of that. Now she's stepping away from that and trying the things she missed out on.

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@cykeout1728: DC didn't put out 44 more books. The 3D and 2D were counted separately because of the different prices. I doubt the 2D orders were high at all.

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In comic fiction, there's not that much difference between alternate timelines and alternate universes. It's all about the paths not taken. Infinite choices separated by the Bleed or Hypertime/Speed Force. So it's possible for the Pre-Flashpoint timeline to become a parallel Earth. Just like Red Son (Elseworlds) is now 1 of the 52 Earths of the DC multiverse.

So the old DCU can return but it won't replace the New52. It may get a title like Earth2 if enough people show interest during Blood Moon.

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@ClawFist The preview obviously skipped the first few pages. Sometimes it's good not to be spoiled in the previews.

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@marcosvergara14: multiverse was rebooted with Flashpoint. Young Justice is cancelled anyways.

Justice League isn't bimonthly. It's just behind schedule and are trying to catch up. Issue 34 was suppose to come out in August. Lobdell is still writing Red Hood & The Outlaws. The solicitation writer has made the same mistake for a couple of months now.

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@deadknight: Superboy never killed Grunge. He hurt him by pulling out all the NOWHERE enhancements in his body. I believe that he was shown in the medical unit later on. Then again they could ignore that like how they haven't mentioned how Caulder escaped NOWHERE and created 2 Doom Patrols