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@stmichalofwilson: Harley and Ivy are still villains. There are no heroes without villains to fight.

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@swagner017: Dark Universe and Mystic U are pushed to August.

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@asjmooney: Batman 40 is coming out on April 29. They pushed it so that it coincides with Free Comic Book Day. Same goes for Superman 40 and Justice League 40. I also believe that Multiversity 2 comes out on that day as well.

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@daredevil21134: Secret Wars ends in August. New Marvel universe in September.

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@donfelipe: DC pushed back Batman and Superman due to Free Comic book Day. There are 8page stories previewing the new direction in June.

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@lvenger said:
@captainhoopla said:

Looser continuity doesn't bother me at all, but here's what does. In that interview, didn't Didio and Lee state that they were not going to be focusing on events and crossovers for awhile so the individual creators could focus on their own stories and establishing their own books? Yet, here we are right out of the gate with a Superman crossover. Want to read a Superman book, sorry, but you need to read these four different books to get the whole story. I really thought you meant well after that interview, but sorry DC, I'll keep adding more Image books to my pull list.

Hypocrisy, thy names are Didio and Lee. Couldn't agree more on Lee and Didio contradicting their own words in their Post Convergence June solicits. I've dropped the Superman Family post June too and I'm a big Superman fan myself.

Didio specifically said that the Superman "family" would address the Superman status quo, just like the Batman "family" is dealing with the new Batman. I think Dan has a different meaning for event and crossover. There won't be a "line-wide" event like Secret War, but smaller crossovers within certain "families" of title. Hopefully, the Superman crossover doesn't force people to buy more books, but then some people like the days of the Triangle numbers.

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During Blackest Night DC toyed with the idea of killing Kyle Rayner [my favorite character of all time] and fans went bananas until he was brought back to life the issue after he was killed. His death in Omega Men #1 doesn't make waves with fans now because the New52 Kyle was everything that pre New52 Kyle was not. In 40 issues how many times was he seen with a sketch pad? Or painting? His own fans [myself included] stopped caring because it's not the same character of the last 19 years. And it's okay if DC thinks this new version will sell comics, but it doesn't look like it sold the numbers they wanted it to despite tying it into every GL event of the last three years [Third Army, First Lantern, Relic, the New Gods thing... which for the record is WAY TOO DAMNED MANY]. You know what would've sold better? As a fan I know what I'm willing to buy, and it's not some New52 version of a character with little to no backstory that only resembles my favorite character of all time in name only. I understand you can't keep all of the history, but not even touching on ANY of it for more than a panel or two should be a crime against comic fans.

Just one more example... with the post Convergence Teen Titans. I kinda dig the new design for Superboy [though the art is a little strange in itself], but the solicit mentions the Titans are on the run with their former teammate Superboy. All those characters on the cover though.... aside from Bart Allen [who was a bit of a shock to see], NONE of them were teammates of Superboy's before the new issue. Again, loose continuity is one thing, no continuity is just sub par.


With respect to Blackest Night, fan outrage did not cause Kyle to be brought back to life. Comics don't change that quickly. By the time the death issue came out, the next issue was already at the printers.

His death in Omega Men #1 is not set in stone. It could be a red herring. That's why most people are not losing their minds.

As for Teen Titans, there's still issue 8 and an Annual to explain how we get to post-Convergence issues. It's been hinted that there'll be a split in the Teen Titans forming 2 different teams.

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@eivion: Exactly. Everyone assumed that it was a fallen officer wall. JH Williams mentioned that the panel was too small to fit any letters in to properly explain what the wall meant. I believe it was suppose to be for commendation.

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@mrmazz said:

Ok so is that Anti-Monitor infused Darkseid?

Nope. It's just showing half of each character's face.