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@marcosvergara14: multiverse was rebooted with Flashpoint. Young Justice is cancelled anyways.

Justice League isn't bimonthly. It's just behind schedule and are trying to catch up. Issue 34 was suppose to come out in August. Lobdell is still writing Red Hood & The Outlaws. The solicitation writer has made the same mistake for a couple of months now.

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@deadknight: Superboy never killed Grunge. He hurt him by pulling out all the NOWHERE enhancements in his body. I believe that he was shown in the medical unit later on. Then again they could ignore that like how they haven't mentioned how Caulder escaped NOWHERE and created 2 Doom Patrols

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@joygirl: Sorry. Reading the comments got the best of me. Shouldn't take that out on any individual. I should just be informative and leave the attitude elsewhere. Can't fall into the message board mind trap.

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@joygirl: looks like someone didn't read the MTV article. Stewart specifically addresses the question about Alysia and other elements from Gail's run. She's still going to be a part of Babs' life.

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@maddpanda531: A lot of commenter's don't bother reading the article. They based their response on other commenter's who also didn't read the article. Rinse and repeat.

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@outside_85: Taylor isn't leaving the book. Bennett is joining him as a co-writer. That's probably due to him being on the World's End weekly and Injustice going back to being weekly. I doubt the focus of the book would change if Taylor left but the Editorial team stayed.

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I'm all for creating new characters instead of changing old ones. It seems that the DC only pallette swaps black for white. What about other ethnicities? As a black man, I'm not in favor of Wally and Helena's (weird how no one is mentioning her) change. I'm not against it either. Just apathetic. It's great that Ms. Marvel is getting a good following. DC and Marvel are in the same boat when it comes to diversity. They have higher overhead so lower threshold to try out new characters in solo books. DC just throws out books like Vibe, and Katana with no lead time for people to get accustomed to these C-listers. I think that Baz and Bunker could do well if pushed correctly. Seems that Johns has ownership over Baz. I like that Bunker will be present in the Teen Titans relaunch.

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Yes Batwing is canceled. It was on life support since Jimmy and Justin came on.

Neither Bertinelli nor Wayne were the first Huntress. That was Paula Brooks who was renamed Tigress.

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@jaken7 said:

I think anyone who denied the similarities between Grayson and Winter Soldier can now officially (and frankly), shut up.

As Doge would put it: "Much Russian, many Soviet, such comrade, very Communism."

Yeah. Sure. Like Red Star wasn't a Russian Teen Titan decades before Winter Soldier. He's more likely the Reverse of Winter Soldier. He's gonna be with us first, then with the Russians. Also no brainwashing, no metal arm, no cryogenics. That trumps the similarities (spy, Russia)

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@omega_man_: All I can say is WOW. You may not be racist but you have some weird ideas about people's preferences when it comes to relationship. I hope you're not into people dating their own "kind" like we're not all human.

I believe Icon, Milestone's Superman predates Blue Marvel. Val's costume is not that similar.