Posted by daken_2513

HaHaHa it looks that way dont it 
probably just the artists version of her
Posted by Jetshade

Wouldn't be surprised if it was a conspiracy. Steal from Songbird, give to the trendier mutant character. 
The last panel makes it look like Pixie stole someone else's chest as well. I thought Pixie's build was supposed to be, well, pixie-ish.

Posted by pixelized

She did get top heavy and looks to have added 8 inches to her 5'4'' height. Maybe it's a second puberty?

Posted by Jetshade

Perhaps it's her secondary mutation. 

Posted by Cafeterialoca
@Jetshade: Tends to happen to females in comics.  Hell, next year, we'll be dealing with double D's Molly from Runaways.