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The Beginning of a New Era

There will come a time, when the governments of the world will fail the people, where there will be wars and rumors of wars, a time when the villains of the world will join together in great elite masses and go up against the heroes, taking them out one by one and eliminating them all, but today is not that time. For out of the ashes of chaos a team was formed more greater and more powerful than any other before its time. Composing of many different team members, all banded under one goal. Alone they were heroes, but together they are Champions!
A New Breed of Hero

"This World Needs Heroes" With the world in ashes, Villains running rampant and the heroes of the Vine verse unable to stop them a message from Andferne himself was discovered by the illustrious Mistress Redhead and her Husband Sovereign Son with the legendary hero foretelling of a time where instead of having separate teams, that the heroes of the world would all join as one, under one banner and one goal. With this message Mistress Redhead put together a team like none other with Nighthunter and Kurrent also aiding her, together they were the Trinity in charge to oversee this new age of hero.

Along with that she also got her Husband close friends Eclipse, CellPhoneGirl and Hawk to be leaders of the of the divisions of the team now known as Champions of Peace. With Eclipse in charge of the main squad housing the core members of the team, CPG with Young Champions in charge of foreseeing the training and protection of the new Gen of heroes, The Guardians lead by Paragon, which held the powerhouses of the team and finally the under the covers Shadow Squad lead by none other than Sovereign Son, a team that handled the dirty work only known to handful of members. Together they were not only heroes, but Champions....CHAMPIONS OF PEACE!

Thinning of the Ranks

Sometimes it takes setbacks to make you see who your true allies are.

As time passed the newly formed team went against wall after wall effortlessly breaking through it, always working together, always helping each other out. They started to become more of a family, as time passed despite the amount of numbers in their ranks some members were lost, chaos formed in other parts and some heroes Kurrent in particular were called else where, followed by Nighthunter. With this Mistress Redhead was on her own, leader single handedly the largest team of heroes in the world. Knowing that on her own this could not be accomplished she called to her side the apprentice of Nighthunter, know as Eclipse, along with her own husband to strengthen the ranks.

Yet there was mutiny in the air. As mentioned many members were nomads, vigilantes joined the Champions of Peace part of these individuals were previous Wolf Pack members. Since the teams dispatching it had been inactive untill now. Secretly the Wolf Pack began recruiting members from Champions and once again their numbers dropped. Some left the team, other stood their ground but either way by the end of the day the ranks had thinned, and loyalties had been shattered. With this the building of Champions Island was initiated and apartments placed there to form a more tight team. Despite the lack in numbers The Champions of Peace remained a force to be reckoned with.

Their Mark in History

Who to trust?
Over time Champions of Peace went up against great odds. They had many enemies that wanted to snuff them out and seldom was there a day just to relax. They had gone up against the Skrulls, deciphering who and who not to trust. It was a heavy battle with many casualties but eventually the team managed to get itself back together and defeat their odds. But the aftermath was heavy as the government was called in to ensure that everyone was who they said they were. After extensive questioning with each member to all their astonishment the blame fell on their most trusted Mistress Redhead, and she was immediately taken off to jail. Eventually after much hard work the Young Champions and the Shadow Squad managed to save her while the Core team battled odds against the gods of fear and despair. In the End they overcame all obstacles and once again stood united.
The battle for Icing Death
As time passed and things cooled down once again the door of fate opened at an unborn Dragon by the name of Icing Death called out to its former ICE team members. Many of them had joined the colossal Champions of Peace alerted their team mates and so set forth in divisions toward the Arctic Circle. But alas a dark team known as Tenebrasque in which also had fallen heroes, now villains in command they too were alerted to seek out the dragon. It was race against time, whoever reached the egg first would be its keeper. The battle raged and many heroes and villains paired off in epic battles. In the end the cave that held the egg began to collapse, and Talon managed to retrieve the egg yet with in her grasp it vanished leaving it in limbo, and the keeper a mystery.

Dropping Numbers

Missions have taken there toll on the Champions. Members have been killed, some disappeared but a few remained. With the team down to handful of members and in need of new leadership a new trinity of leaders emerge from the roster of Champions. CellphoneGirl, Requiem and Edward Windsor take up the reigns and begin a new era in Champions history. Getting straight into action the three co leaders start searching the world for new Champions to enter the void left by former members.(Contact any the links above if interested in joining the COP's). Edward in charge of the Champions Squad recruits long term hero and role model Longshot to his squad. CellphoneGirl happy with her roster at future Champions continues here good work and keeps the Future of the COP's on course. Requiem however builds a new third squad and seeks out a different kind of Champion to fill it. But what will become of the new squad known as the Redeemers.

Champions Battle Log

Below here are the lists of the RPG's that Champions of Peace, and their Squads have taken part in. This is how you'll be able to most easily read it and keep up with all the RPG's. The Numbers you see on the far right of the RPG name signify the order that the RPG's took place in, think of it as a time line. The * means that the RPG's with the same number were going on at the same time.

Champions of Peace


Main Squad


Future/Young Champions


Shadow Squad (Currently Disbanded)

Squad Crossovers (RPG's)


Current Team RostersThe Champions (Main Squad):

Future Champions (Second Squad):

Redeemers (Third Squad)

Former Champions and AWOL members

Kurrent- Left the COP's to persue solo work

Sovereign Son- Current location and alliance unknown

Mercy - Now with The Order of Sancta Camisia

Mistress Redhead- Government official and pro registration spokes person.

Andferne- Deceased

Warkiller- Location and status unknown

Talon/x23-Location and status unknown

Overkill- AWOL

Paragon- AWOL

Cly & Esmeralda- Currently serving with WAL

Octagon Freak- Location and status unknown

Crazy Eights- Location and status unknown

Eclipse- Deceased

Scion_of_light- Location and status unknown

Closure - Active Location Unknown

Mantoidx- Location and status unknown

Feral Nova- Active location unknown

Angeni - With the Trinity Foundation

The Wanderer- Location and status unknown

Ethan Starks- Deceased

NightHunter- Location and status unknown

Kaligar Roxom- Presumed Deceased