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The slightly boring part, with little-to-no exposition. 0

This one's a little different from the first one, as its essentially a single firefight from one of games told in an entire issue with little bits of character development for Romeo dispersed throughout it. So, the only thing to review really is the firefight, but before we do that let's get the plot and character development out of the way. The issue begins with Romeo reflecting that they came to Ariel wondering whether the Covenant were actually responsible for the attack or not. The next two ...

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More set-up for bigger action scenes, than the cover lets on. 0

By looking at this cover you wouldn't immediately say that this book would be heavy on dialogue. You'd be quite wrong, this issue is entirely setting up and foreshadowing major events later in the mini. It starts out with ODST's (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) dropping onto a human colonized planet called Ariel that has sent out a distress call saying they are under attack by the Covenant. While this is going on we get narration from our Jarhead main character, Romeo, about how the crisis all star...

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