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Hello ComicVine, I'm relatively new here, and I'm also relatively new to comics. However, I'm not an alien to the terms 'nerd' and 'geek'. These terms are often used synonymously, but I don't believe they are synonymous. Looking it up on yielded mostly the same definition with one variation (excluding the chicken head biting bit). The variation between nerd and geek in the dictionary is that nerds are described as obsessed with a single non-social hobby. While geeks are simply described as very knowledgeable about computers, machinery, cars, the cotton gin, etc. My perception of nerds and geeks is a little different. Nerds, in my opinion, care very much about fictional universes and timelines. These kinds of people care very much about things that may or may not have meant to be cared about. Some great examples of this is movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins (not so much Gremlins,) and TV shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, He-Man Masters of the Universe, and many other TV shows or movies with large merchandising campaigns. This is largely a nostalgic factor, but it begs the question why don't other shows/movies get this kind of attention? For instance, Batman in the Dark Knight Returns is my favorite Batman, and the only one who ever exists, in my mind. Could that be extended to Blue's Clues? Steve Burns is my favorite Steve, and the only one who ever existed, in my mind. Why wouldn't that fly, but the Batman comment would. Geeks on the other hand get paid for what they do. However, this is all just my opinion, and I would welcome some feedback. Because, I need someone to justify this stupid piece that I should've done a video on.

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Posted by kore

To me a nerd is socially withdrawn but smart. A geek is into things not generally considered cool, like comics, sci fi, rpg's, and anime.

Posted by lakilakester

we nerds and geeks  perfer to be called smarty ppl
Posted by inferiorego

I'm a neek

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Here is the truth as it is written
Posted by speedlgt

IMO both terms refer to an over intrest in a subject and knowledge of said subject that goes beyond the common norm 
also the subject needs to be very trival as in NOT very important. 
Neerd and Geek dont really refer to some subjects i feel it refers to ALL subjects. 
For example 
FOOT BALL.............. ah there is nothing more macho than football........but guess what in this day there are TONS of football GEEKS yes i called them geeks. running to thier computers check fantasy stats read up on injury reports and doing nothing more manily than being involved in a real live D&D for pro sports. 
GEEK is all i have to say 
CARS........same rules apply a bunch of greese monkeys who know again far too much knowledge than what is common. I know men who have lost wifes and familes due to be Car Geeks!! thats right slick your no better than a Trekie your only precived as better but your all the same. 
TOOLS ever watch TOOL TIME? enough said a bunch of DORKS that love tools and rarely use them or worse use them in the wrong manner. 
I could go on and on. 
Posted by c0l0nelp0pc0rn1
@speedlgt: The wrong manner or the best manner?