Ladies of the Sea

The female Sub-Mariners

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Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

 Impressive....but what about Deep Blue and the new Aquagirl in the current Teen Titans comics?

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

 I got another one for you.... ORCA.

Posted by ComicMan24

Nice list.

Posted by Destron81

Interesting list. Lots of aquatic characters I never knew.

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Posted by doomsilver

ursla is not a hot girl, but everyone else is
Posted by doomsilver

forgot to say nice list
Posted by kiss_lamia

awesome list and Ursula is No1 yay she was awesome looool

Posted by Wolverhino

How 'bout Siren, and Seafarer?

Posted by Zaber

What about Marrina of Alpha Flight. In a case, I might misspelled that name; it could be Marina. By the way, this is really good job on making a list of the lady of the sea. give you thumb ups! =)

Posted by Zaber

Oops, I m blind. I found Marina in your list. You rock!