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Winter Soldier, but GotG is a great popcorn/date flick

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Thor: The Dark World is booty and is the only comic book movie i've seen less than twice since I couldn't make it through a second viewing.

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Does jerking off decrease testosterone level and be detrimental to gaining muscle mass?


And it's also a sin.

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Film and TV for the most part.

Well, due to how race bias spawned in early comic development, I can see how most characters are white. I can also understand why people want to change a character to create a balance. However, I do not agree with it. I would rather them have a character die off and have his/her former sidekick take over than simply change a characters race. Race is apart of a persons upbringing, how would it feel if a comic book writer decided to make Black Panther white even though it would completely change his character? The same could be said about existing characters, though to a lesser effect, they have already established their life, and who they are. Changing them soley on the basis of race is racist in and of itself.

I don't see how the bolded applies....these are fictional characters...how does their race really affect our upbringing? I assume that's what you meant right?

Anyways, Black Panther's race is an iconic and integral part of his character. it simply wouldn't make since. Nor would it for characters like Luke Cage, Storm, John Stewart, or Cyborg. However, a character like....Bronze Tiger? Shoot, do what you will with his skin color. I mean Arrow already changed Brick into a white dude and nobody cared.

@jayc1324 said:

I only dislike it if race matters for a character. Making Black Panther white would be unacceptable because he was the first major black hero and is king of an African country. However, making Jimmy Olsen black is fine because race doesn't matter with him. A lot of comic characters were created at a time when there were major racial issues and segregations in america, and minority characters weren't very popular. But realistically it doesn't make sense that every supporting character would be white, so in a lot of cases it's a good thing that makes a lot of sense.

Agreed. I saw a lot of people complain over him being black because he doesn't have red hair. I guess they don't realize Jimmy has never been a red head on film/tv lol

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Recently recovered from a sprain ankle but it still hurts every now and then. I'm looking to get back in the gym tomorrow with a trifecta to get my blood boiling. Do you advise this, and if so, what range of reps/sets do you advise?

*I've been doing body weight squats decently well for about a week now.

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I was gonna say "Superman will make sure of it" but @cattlebattle beat me to the joke lol

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Cap and Co. Nomek is MVP.

Yep, people need to respect the Blade series on the battle forum. He's (and by extension Nomak and Frost) really the top film/tv street leveler we've gotten so far.

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He just looks like a muted shade of green to me

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The same as always. He's awesome, but not my favorite. Also.......Nightwing is better