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@buttersdaman000: sorry , had you confused with the other guy.

Anyway Element Lad being from Primes universe is irrelevant , given there was no Kryptonite in that universe to begin with. He straight up created Kryptonite that didn't exist. Surfer can do at least as well

The point also remains that red sun radiation is more than good enough to do the job

If anything I have said has been disproven already, please disprove it all again briefly. There are only 7 basic points of which you chose to pick and choose only one , which isn't even true

How Is the time travelling argument invalid when Surfer has actually done it mid fight?

No it isn't. Regardless of the fact that there was no Kryptonite to begin with, it's made clear that the only reason the kryptonite worked is because Element Lad was from Primes universe. Brainiac 5 made that clear.

Yeah, Surfer can defeat Superman through Red Sun radiation. But, as many users are incorrectly prone to believe, it won't be a one-shot....it won't even be quick. Superman's durability feats against red sun radiation outnumber his few low end showings.

You can just reread through the thread. But if you really want me to, I will.........also, i'm not wrong about the kryptonite.

Well...you BFR yourself when you time travel...

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I'll reply to you later. I'm getting ready for work.

@thegrayghost said:

@buttersdaman000: And yet element lad or whoever it was , managed to create Kryptonite against Superboy Prime in Legion of 3 worlds.......Nahh Surfers cosmic awareness ia just fine enough to make exactly the right kind of Kryptonite without even going to the much easier Red Sun radiation

And skimming through my posts is all you have done for a while now. It sure helps ignore a variety of things you can't argue against

Bro...i'm pretty sure this is the first time I ever replied to one of your post on this thread. And skimming through your post, I know you haven't even said anything that hasn't already been disproven.....

Also, Element Lad is from Primes universe.....yeah....

@gav said:

Surfer is a dimension hopper.

Yeah, I know, my bad. But he would have to go to Superman's universe, make the kryptonite, then come back to use it. That argument is almost as bad as time-traveling IMO

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@buttersdaman000: Sora can't stop time genius

Hey genius, he does stop time. The magic stop freezes a target in time. Think before you post and brush up on your comprehension skills.

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I skimmed through your post and I disagree with most of it. However, I only want to clarify one thing...Silver Surfer CANNOT make kryptonite to HARM Superman. Can he make kryptonite? Yes. Will that kryptonite harm Superman? No. We've seen this multiple times with Superboy. Kryptonite from one universe do not harm Kryptonians from another universe. Even with his Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer can't create that specific kryptonite. I mean, it's not like the properties are any different. The kryptonite just has to be from Superman's universe. I can't stress this enough. Silver Surfer would have to be a reality warper/dimension hopper to retrieve the correct Kryptonite. The fact that it's in a neutral universe means nothing.

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Damn, LOL at all the 'he got what he deserved' people....self righteousness out the arse smh and since when do two wrongs make a right?

I've said it before, and i'll say it again, a bullet to the head is simple and effective. The inmate feels no pain and you will never hear stories like this.

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Damn, that looks good....Now with this and Gone Girl, I have two movies to see in October

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I'm pretty sure vanilla ice kicks Eminems ass

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I'm going with Vegeta. He has a tenacity and will that only Goku could match. He also has more skill and battle experience.

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How do game mechanics work in battles? What's to stop Sora from stopping time and lighting starkiller up with keyblade strikes and thunder bolts??

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What comic is that Blade pic from and why is he Ronin?