DBZ: An attempt to clear the waters

I have been mostly absent from the forums for months now. The return of anime vs comic battles and the resulting fanboysim (from both sides) really just turned me away for awhile. I probably won't ever post like I used to (Not that I posted than much anyways seeing as how i've already been here 3 years lmao) but it does seem like the initial torrent of battles has slowed down. However, I still notice a lot of misconceptions about DBZ which I will try to clear up in this blog. Now, obviously, this won't be the end all, be all blog, and I do want outside input, but I do consider myself to be quite knowledgeable on DBZ. So, here goes....

First up, the thing that irritates me the most...power levels and multipliers:

First of all, the author of the manga himself did away with explicit power levels after the Frieza saga because he found them to cumbersome. So most of these calculations that goes into most DBZ debates, specifically the ones using calculations to predict damage output are bull. In my opinion, the author wanted strength to be based on feats, not numbers, which is how it should be.

Now, having said this, there are some multipliers that are (mostly) canon and usable. SSJ1 is a 50x multplier from base form, SSJ2 is a 2x multplier from the previous form, and SSJ3 is a 4x multiplier from the previous form. Now, if you want to include SSJ4 the common multiplier for that is 10x from SSJ3 I believe. The fusion dance multiplies the power level of two warriors and potora multiplies the power level, then multiplies again by 10*.

Concerning power levels, they ARE NOT LINEAR. I had to put that in caps and bold it because this seems to be the one thing no one understands. Take the farmer from DBZ and Roshi when he destroyed the moon. The farmer had a PL of 5 and Roshi about 139. If Power levels were linear, that farmer should be capable of easily destroying mountains and towns. But he isn't because power levels ARE NOT LINEAR. A common rebuttal I see to this is the Farmer had no control of his ki and therefore couldn't access his power. My rebuttal to that is kid Goku when he learned the Kamehameha. He had a PL of 20 yet only destroyed a small car when he first used it. With a PL that high he shouldve taken out the whole area in a flash. So, all these post about Frieza destroying planets therefore Cell should be able to destroy much more are BS because power levels ARE NOT LINEAR. Also, with the Roshi and Piccolo moon busting you can take away 1 of 3 things. One, the moon in DB is a p*ssy. Two, its a BS, high-end feat. Or three, the moon in DB is a p*ssy.

Next up is the concept of everybody and their mothers being planet buster....which isnt true:

We have the Saiyan Saga. Vegeta claims he will destroy the planet out of rage. Vegeta is now capable of busting planets? No, its hyperbole! We have the Cell saga. Cell claims he is going to destroy the solar system/galaxy with a single attack. Cell is now a solar system buster? No, its hyperbole! Hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole! If everything a fictional character said was to be taken as true then I guess everybody who claims themselves as the most powerful/best fighter is. What we do know is that Frieza was capable of destroying a planet with a PL of 120,000,000 in the namek saga although I wouldnt say it was casual. Arguments will be made that he destroyed planet vegeta in his base form but this is debatable. He clearly does it in the anime but in the manga all he says is that he attacked the saiyans and eradicated them. Furthermore, Raditz and Vegeta both say that asteroids were the cause of the 'planets' destruction. So, for the sake of clean debates, base form frieza is not a planet buster but final form is.

As said in the previous paragraphs, power levels ARE NOT LINEAR and there is a 'plateau' in destructive capabilities. The evidence of this 'plateau' stems from either choice you picked for moon busting. If Roshi really did have the power to destroy the moon, then fine. But you can't tell me he ever had the power to destroy the earth. And if you see the moon busting as PIS then you really just come to the same conclusion. So, Cell, who is vastly more powerful than Frieza, who is the first to actually 'display' planet busting, for all intents and purposes is still only in the power level busting range albeit much more casually. The only true casual planet busting we see in DBZ is from Kid Buu.

So i'm not going to sit here and argue that Goku can't bust planets because he can. Honestly, he could bust them as casually as Kid Buu since they are even in power. But, there is no proof of these ridiculous claims of solar system and galaxy busting. None at all.

I will say this, however, Anybody Super Buu level and beyond could most likely really do some damage.....

At this moment i'm not going to bother getting into DBZ speed, strength, or durability. I honestly just don't feel like it right now since it would be a lot to cover. Maybe sometime in the future.

*The multipliers for the fusion dance are really iffy. Those values might be wrong.