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@stormcell: which author was it? And that's good to know. She (willow wilsome) called storm omega level for reasons outside of referencing this site

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  1. And the point being? Because you have a truckload of other characters who are also just human when looking at how durable they are, but then they have powers that allow them to survive head on collisions with trains. Magneto for instance, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey...
  2. So what's the point of complaining about her not taking away the air from a flying horse? Or being unaware of the general molecular composition of the atmosphere in the area?
  3. When one is projected by an actual god of the stuff? I think I could. :) Anyway's, the point was that when you add 'magic' to any mundane item, it tends to bypass regular immunities like that of Storm. It's the same with Superman, he can take normal lightning all day long and not feel it, but if it's something a magician threw at him then he's on his back.

1.) The point being writers can still show her being vulnerable in ways that doesn't take away from showings and/or explanations of powers that has been established through canon. For example, instead of Storm not being able to use her powers in Hell because there was no weather, the explanation could be her powers were not usable because of a spell or some dark magic. The latter doesn't contradict previous explanations of how her powers work in canon, but it still allows the writer to explore what she is capable of without her powers.

2.) No one is complaining, it's an observations first. The point is simply demonstrating instances where her powers were used in a fashion that didn't make sense; or again inconsistencies in writing. Again, there are ways Storm can be taken out without making her look incompetent.

3.) The argument about Superman taking regular lightning is not true. I have scans to prove it but that is another discussion. To your point about Thor being a god you could assume its greater or more powerful; however, I don't think anywhere in canon that has been stated. This is just speculation to justify flawed writing. There is no reason Thor's lightning should have been able to hurt her and I don't believe there is any proof that his lightning is magical based or is stronger than regular lightning. Again all speculative at best.

My point of engaging in this topic is the rather bizarre original post where Kyss posts a long line of examples of Storm being in one way or another kneecapped in situations she should have owned. And this is where I come in and point out that if Storm always fired on all cylinders, there wouldn't be much of a story, same way there wouldn't be if Jean had been firing on all of her cylinders.

I never once said she should have owned any of the situations in the scans I posted - please quote me where I explicitly stated this. I think you are misunderstanding the point of this thread and the intent of my posts. I am not trying to say she should be this unbeatable character - that would be boring. I am saying; however, that if a writer wants to have her not be able to do something for a, b, or c reasons that the writer should do so in a fashion that is consistent with her previous showings (pak is able to do this beautifully in her solo). If you want her to not be able to restore machinery for whatever reason, have someone KO to where she can't use her powers. Don't have her say she can't supply power to a piece of machinery because there is no weather. That makes absolutely no sense and it doesn't follow canon with how her powers function.

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@storm_calling: I'm glad things are well, friend :)

And those panels are burning my eyes. None of what was happening in the clouds should have affected her ability to create a torrential storm. And agreed he doesn't have any type of understanding on what and how her powers should work.


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@storm_calling: lolol oh that's why I was confused.

Well if you ever wanna talk you got me here and on fb. I hope things have gotten better for you. If i can't get you there on cbr I'm glad I have u here and on fb!

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@deathbyants: I would love love love if tchalla made an appearance. I mean even though it was annulled they were married and I would say of the three men (logan, tchalla and forge) she has the deepest connection with tchalla.

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@storm_calling: yah!!!! I thought u were, rutog from cbr lol. Thank you I can't wait to see your additions. I think this idea of her being too stronger is an excuse to be lazy in writing. I was somewhat under the impression marvel was purposefully trying to reel in her power displays, but all of those fears were removed with the storm ongoing.

and you are very missed on cbr

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@storm_calling: agreed SC and thank you!

Ru on fb with the clapping thunder thighs?

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@deathbyants: hey are reading the storm solo? If not you should it's really good!!

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1.) Storm is still human. Someone could stab her and she could die as a result of that. Storm is usually measured in her power usage. Pak does a wonderful job in her ongoing demonstrating the vast amount of power she has but being thoughtful and not using it to not do unnecessary damage. Other writers could take similar approaches in writing her.

2.) Again,Storm is measured in her use of powers. She has only willfully taken the breathe of opponents and in both scenarios the situation was dire. She generally isn't using her powers in a bloodlusted fashion because she values life and she understands how catastrophic her powers could be if used irresponsibly. This can be shown without saying she needs weather for her powers to work.

3) I don't agree magic lightning is greater than normal. They have different properties but I don't think one could conclude one is greater than the other