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Storm would do more than stalemate him if she were an elemental. She has taken him out a couple of times with just her lightning in canon without ascending to her "perfect" form:

Most recently was in Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers #9:

and here:

So she zapped him on one occasion when he was being mind controlled by someone with an actual brain (read: Not someone with ice/snow instead of a nervous system which would be damaged by lightning), who doesn't know how to use Bobby's powers like he does. This would cause a mental backlash through Bobby and free him of that control, instantly KO-ing him, but not in such a way that it's applicable to an actual fight between him and Storm.

And your other one is from back in the day before Iceman was anywhere near the level of power he is today. Notice when knocked unconscious, he reverts to normal, whereas these days he's pure ice through and through. Saying that's applicable is like saying because some bullets nearly killed Wolverine back in the day, they could do so today too... Well, I suppose since he doesn't HAVE his healing factor anymore, they COULD, but you know what I mean.

Your first paragraph is speculative. There is no indication from panel that he was hurt from the mental backlash and not the lightning itself. In fact if he were somehow not vulnerable to such an attack, it doesn't matter how or who possessed him it still wouldn't affect him.

The second panel though it happened years ago does demonstrate he can be affected adversely by her lightning which is again demonstrated by the Hickman's showing. Yes he has progressed in his use of power, but he can still be affected and hurt when in his ice form.

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Storm DUH.. this isn't even close..

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@butterflykyss: Thank you for posting. Was this show on the television? Just wondering?

Hmm I think this is a television show (comedy show) but I am not sure.. Just google the Pete Holmes show. it should show you what he is about and you are always welcome my fellow raindrop how are you??

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i agree with you on thor but jean grey and iceman i don't, iceman can instantly KO human storm, but when storm evolves into pure elemental energy, she could become any type of weather phenomena (including ice). So how can Bobby defeat someone made out of pure energy? right, jean grey still has trouble with storms human mind but can still harm it. Storm could become apart of the atmosphere and her mind could be anywhere, plus in her human form the static electricity in her brain helped keep out telepaths most of the time, so what if she changes into a lightning being...she could be judging you have no one will know...

i'm probably talking a lot of bull, soz. Remember i'm new here

Are you familiar with how temperature works? Fundamentally? Like, down to a molecular level? Just in case you're not, here's the cliff notes: When molecules slow down, they get colder. When they speed UP, they get hotter. Iceman is able to slow down molecules, generating cold. He's not freezing moisture or changing what's already there, like Storm, he is actually MAKING it colder and freezing anything. Hence why in the latest issue of Amazing X-Men, while Storm was nigh powerless in Hell, Iceman, while melting, was only a little weaker. That's not all he can do, either. He can create moving constructs (see his rendition of Frosty the Snowman if you have the stomach for it), sentient ice clones, and in fact froze the entire planet on one occasion, becoming completely unstoppable even by the Avengers. He is an Omega level mutant, and that means a great deal. He's just lazy.

Even if Storm became pure energy, at best she could hope to stalemate Iceman. Provided he didn't just freeze whatever she was made of, or slowed it down until it could no longer maintain it's substance.

As for Jean, she's ALSO an Omega Level mutant. What 'most telepaths' can do doesn't apply. And at least you didn't make the mistake of stumbling into the battle board. They would have made you cry. As it is, stick around, don't listen to a WORD Jhazzroucher says pertaining to Storm, in fact, if Jhazz says something about Storm, assume the OPPOSITE of whatever he/she says until you get confirmation from someone else.

Anyway, welcome to the Vine. I sincerely hope you flourish into a bountiful member of the community. Because most people here are prone to madness. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you.

Storm would do more than stalemate him if she were an elemental. She has taken him out a couple of times with just her lightning in canon without ascending to her "perfect" form:

Most recently was in Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers #9:

and here:

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Professor X is fed up with Storm and her playing by the rules... see how it resolves in the Pete Holmes skit Ex-Men

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Hiya i'm new here,

wanted to see what you think storms feats would be if she ever evolves into her elemental form. i know we haven't seen any but what you think the that she can do, for example: turning into solar wind etc.

Because she has a magical potential, do you think she can beat scarlet witch in feats of magical power and reality warping?

Welcome to the forum FRIEND!!!!

Hmm as far as what her elemental powers would be, I think she would be something like Gaia from Captain Planet. I believed she could morph her form into any element she chose. Storm would be able to do the same, transform into a being of ice, gas/vapor, lightning, etc. and her powers would function the same just on a greater level and with more ease.

As far as her magical potential, I don't think she would be able to beat her outright, as Scarlet has had more practice. However, given time Storm would surpass her and more in terms of magical abilities.

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A lot of good ideas on here. I like Torrent and Cloudbreak... and of course RAINDROP IS AWESOME..

but nothing beats Storm..

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Well I am rather late to this thread and it sounds like many of you won't find this relevant, but there is currently a


film about Storm in production called RAIN. No Halle Berry though, sorry ;)

More details here:


Thanks! :)

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why are you people using catwoman against halle? she was just the actress in a poorly done movie. just like her role in the brian singer directed xmen movies. halle is not a bad actress and given a separate storm movie aside from being in wolverine movies(all of the xmen movies including his own) would do storm justice.

Exactly. The same thing with Affleck and Daredevil. Those films were made a long time ago and one cannot just go around blaming the actor/actress.

I may be in the minority here, but I feel that Halle doesn't get as much credit for her work as Storm. She never written the Toad/Lightning comment, and she listened to fans when they said they really wanted to see Storm do more stuff in the films...in which she then fought for. That was something I really appreciated. We can argue on if she is the perfect casting for Storm, or who would fit the role better, but I really do appreciate the fact that she fought for Storm to do more, which I was disappointed in not seeing in X2.

Excellent point. I hate to hear people tear her down when they should be directing their anger towards the writer/director of said project. Also, she did fight to get Storm more relevant parts in the movie so I think people should stop giving her such a bad time. Last point, she is a great actress just look at her rendition of Dorothy Dandridge or her roll in Roots. Loves it.

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PPG ftw

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Storm and wolverine ... storm possibly sopping this