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@butterflykyss: He doesn't seem to be restraining himself but even if he's holding back, Colossus is class 100 strength so him only using 1% of his strength is still the force of at least one ton. Also, Magneto is obviously not 100% and is definitely weakened. That is a level of durability Storm has never showed.

Yea I am thinking he has a shield of some sort around him. That is his power shielding him and not him being durable. I think you are reaching here my friend. do you have more scans of him duking it out with a class 100 strength opponent?

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the avengers have a fukin hard time taking him down during the XvA comics storm got the beat down 1000000 times by the avengers so ultron all the way

None of the Avengers powers operate in the fashion that Storm does so just because they were not able to does not mean she cannot win. Storm can directly cut his power source off. There is no Avenger that has the ability to do this but if so please demonstrate.

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@jhazzroucher: Perhaps, but more likely I think Magneto could drop a satellite on her before she could gather a force strong enough to attack him

Not true. her powers work in less than a conscious thought. she doesn't have gather energy to have an explosive output instantly.

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@newecho said:

@jhazzroucher: @butterflykyss:

that's in lies the problem... he isn't a machine so that whole logic is flawed....

I'm sorry... Come again. Ultron is humanoid machine with artificial intelligence. If he isn't a machine what are you suggesting he is? Because everything I have read surrounding him describes him as an android/machine similar to a sentinel. But I will wait to here your explanation on what he is.

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@butterflykyss: Magneto has traded blows with Colossus. He's much more durable than Storm.

There's no way Colossus is punching Eric full power and he is withstanding that unless there is a shield or something up. So you are saying he is pseudo-superman if that's the case and you and I both know that is not true.

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@jhazzroucher: Find me some feats showing Storm to be durable enough to handle Magneto.

Magneto is just a durable as storm is. Both can be taken out by a bullet, both can be taken out and killed if they are struck by a car.

I am not sure what you mean then by this post.

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@newecho said:


What does a space ship have to do with ultron?? Tony has powerful emp's and he sure has never shut down ultron..

The point of bringing up the space ship is demonstrate that storm can shut down machinery. Ultron is an enhanced form of machinery, but he is still a machine that relies on a power source to function. Storm's powers allows her to directly shut down that source of power he relies upon to be fully operational.

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@newecho: prove her emp blast wouldn't take him out. Storm has shut down large space ships with her powers, why couldn't she do the same with ultron

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@adamtrmm: there are plenty of ways Storm can win:

1.) Freeze his heart

2.) Burst his veins

3.) Remove oxygen from his lungs

4.) Fry his brain

It's obvious he can be her, but the opposite is true.

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@copete: try staying on topic and using sound logic to make a point. I don't care about firelord or Thanos. I'm talking about magneto and storm. Magneto generally when fighting the Xmen is fighting to put the Xmen down. The Xmen are the ones who are holding back.

Also what occurred to sinister is totally believable. Just because you don't agree with the way something is written doesn't mean it is invalid. Furthermore comparing spiderman beating firelord to the scan I posted is reaching. Try again