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I hate doing this from my cell phone

People seem to be short changing Storm but people seem to forget that both pre and post 52 WONDER WOMAN have low tolerance for electrical based attacks:

Storm can win if she gets the first hit and since her powers work less than a conscious thought it would be plausible.

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@thunderbolt30: It was nice I hope yours was nice as well.

All of the first page photos are small for me when I select them from my phone. I haven't tried from a computer so let me try that first.

I agree with you about air manipulation I think it is highly underrated and highly underused. I think as comicbook readers we forget about real life application of how powerful wind can be. Hurricanes (hurricane katrina for example), tornadoes that plague the plain region of America Each year. Towns, cities decimated and all activity halted due to the power of the wind.

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@levram89: another incorrect explanation of how her powers work. McDuffie understood that though limited with what she could do, she still had the ability to utilize her powers in space. Additionally,Pak demonstrated that she can utilize her powers in space by creating an aurora effect (created due to solar winds, radiation from the sun, transverse the earth upper atmosphere) for over 4 hrs. Any writer who doesn't understand this from all of the historical resources explaining how her powers work should not be taken as a credible writer in terms of their understanding of Storm's power.

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@thunderbolt30: oh thanks boo for posting scan where it confirms storm is immune to lightning. :)

oh, and for anyone else..

A lot of the pictures posted on page one of this thread is too small to see. If anyone has the time and or pictures it would be nice if these could be reposted

It may just be a cell phone issue but I don't think so

thanks and merry Christmas everyone

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@butterflykyss: Thank you Kyss :-). And the size is perfect. I'll just add these last 2 scans since it sets the timing of her flight and confirms the wind speed, and that accomplished carrying 50 tons for nearly 5 hours:

What about the compact whirlwind that she used to one-shot KO that superhuman Breakworld fighter Gahran? I think that, even with it being small scale in comparison to the saving the plane, was also a good feat that shows her creativity and the striking power of her concentrated air attacks?

Thanks dear!! I think that is pretty impressive the feat you mentioned. From the scans prior where she one shot him he was able to break the earth with his weapon so he must be pretty strong. I would say add it :D

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I will help you out love. I got a bit of free time at work:

Storm summoning winds strong enough to lift a 100,000 pound plane and carried it through the air at approximately 390 mph for 5 hours straight all completely under her own powers while injured:

I thought this was a noteworthy feat as well:

Storm stabilizing the air pressure inside and outside an charter plane as to prevent passengers inside from freezing and being sucked out of the air plane:

Storm commenting that she could manipulate air pressure to pop Senator's bodyguard ears:

I hope these are not too big.

In the same title she was able to feel the charter plane as it was falling out of the jetstream/wind stream/slip stream. I think it was mentioned as another name in the issue this was pulled from.

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@roy_el: The one Thor is fighting in Axis is not the same one from the older stories. This is the young inverted version of evan.

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Perhaps what Butterfly said.

Also, maybe a telepath like Jean, Cable or X could make him off himself.

That's about it.