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It's probably between Skaar and Herc, which I'm not too sure who would win. I want to say Herc, but I think Skaar might take it. Skaar pretty much skewered the Hulk using the Old Power in their fight, he would probably end up doing that to Herc too. I'm not sure if Herc has the regen to come back from it like Hulk did.

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@sirmethos: I was more or less clarifying that I don't think that Odin stomped Thanos in that fight, and being impressed by his durability is what I meant by had trouble - He had trouble actually putting Thanos down. I'm going of the assumption that he's going to be even more durable in this incarnation, so it will be less of a stomp in Odin's favour... still a definitive win for Odin though.

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@dominodalek: I don't actually know how powerful Thanoseid is... but Odin had trouble with Thanos alone. If it's Thanos and Darkseid's power even added together, that should result in even less of a stomp than Odin's encounter with Thanos.

Team probably still loses though.

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@pierpat: Well, they don't actually... Saint IV it's a simulation where they get their super powers, so it doesn't actually apply to a real world fight.

Though... in Saint's 3, one of the DLC's you also get super powers.

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Mordecai one shots all of team 2.

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@Alexman113: I kind of doubt the plasma weaponry used in Halo has equivalent heat to the sun.

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The only thing in my opinion that even allows Goku a chance at winning, is Marvel's lack of speed showings for their characters. I know Silver Surfer has like 1 or 2 old speed showings putting him at nanosecond reaction time I believe... but aside from those, it's hard to argue for Surfer's combat speed. Sure he can fly much fast than light, but I've really never seen impressive speed in his fights. Then again... although we know Goku is fast, we don't really know how fast he is either. Aside from that though, Surfer's abilities far outweigh Goku's. All in all, I still think Silver Surfer would take the win.

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@darth_omega_47 said:

I've been waiting for a forum like this so I can ask this question: how is it, IN THIS FREE COUNTRY, where you can have a website in which you could post virtually ANYTHING, would you have a particular one, like this one, are you not to have anime or manga characters vs comics or cartoons? it's okay to post dead bodies or beastiality or fathers screwing their newborns but not vegeta vs aquaman or thanos vs steve urkel or bart simpson vs baby gohan? WTF!!!????

Well, free country doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want. There's still rules and laws to abide by... and I'm pretty sure it's not okay to post the crap you're talking about, I'm actually pretty sure it's illegal among other things, like being completely f'd up and disturbing. If you don't like the rules of a particular website, there's nothing forcing you to be there. Anyways, comics vs manga is allowed now... so what's the whole point of your post?

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@SHARKBEARAGATOR: Lol, I was thinking the same thing.

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That looks about right.