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Besides the day reason did you get the feeling they kind made him into a super powered stalker too?
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do you think instead of having kal kent you put prime 1 million in there would help little more 

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does anyone else feel like the thing might lose his arm here?

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i;d go with superboy since the cartoons are not up to comic book power

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i think it would be cool to see what he did on his way to become SMP1M . where he went. what he learned things like that would make for a pretty good story i think.

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how often does the flash use this attack. I see a lot of people use this attack a lot in battles but always same scan has he used it more then once?

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i love how so many of the people that call superman overpowered are some of the same that love goku. when i think overpowered his the first one that pops into my head yet you never hear them say anything bad about him

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I for one would like to see another superman cartoon. flash would be cool too. But if they do make them i would like to see them keep it a little more to the comic lvl or powers. i remember watch TAS and superman was being hurt by bullets normal old bullets and having problems lifting cars. Then in some JLA eps flash couldnt even catch up to a truck going 55 mph. I love watching them just wish they could not make there powers diff so greatly from ep to ep

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Hi my first post here. I have been reading the battle forums for a while now and I have to say i like them. Only problem i have is that all the haters out there. The one's that say there the char they don't like loses no matter who they face. I am not the smartest when it comes to call the char in the comic/anime world. But when i see haters/fanboys going crazy with stupid posts. Like superman vs the cleaning guy at the daily planet and saying superman lost just makes for stupid fights and people to hate each other. Same can be said when people say superman can beat anyone ( I use superman because it seem like him and goku are the biggest offender of the this tho flash seems to be getting up there too ). The battle forums are great and i love reading them. Just wish people would give reasons and not just jump in there soandso wins!!!!. Just makes them look like stupid fanboys who have nothing backing them up but there strange love for an ink blot. Just needed to say this and look forward to any reply you have. Thanks to anyone reading my first post.