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It would be crazy but how about a infinite crisis type reboot. CG Donner's superman, Burton's batman, and Linda Carter's Wonder Woman going to town on man of steel, Nolan's batman, and the Wonder Woman pilot from last year

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I don't get why DC doesn't lean on the animation department for shows. They've got a flawless track record on TV and have been around long enough that there are people in there late twenties now that grew up on Batman: the animated series. The movies have been a little hit or miss but I like to think that's from the animators trying to stay within the style of the original books. Give Bruce Timm the time and budget and he could make them a franchise that can compete easily with Disney animation

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Is GA standing on a beaten AMAZO?

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Two pages in and no mention of Gotham city sirens? For the last year Ivy has been a "good guy" for lack of a better word working with Selina and Harley. Like most of the main rouge galley during the Dick Grayson as batman run it was an excuse to get them out of the way so new villains better suited to Dick could be brought in, but the story like the no-mans land orphans proves your point Ivy is only has bad has the world she sees around her. If she's distracted by friends or survival she can be a great help. Unfortunately when left with nothing better to do she focuses on the evils of development until she snaps and kills the people she sees has being responsible

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What makes the breast shots demeaning to the character was that there are panels with just that and no room left for Selina's face to establish the character and coney emotion. left breast doesn't tell us why she was in a hurry to get her costume and cats and get out.

Playing devils advocate for minute with the last scene, on another sites comic podcast they mentioned that in the old days we had several times where a scene between batman/catwoman ended with the implication that "something" was about to happen. Starting out the series like this I hope is convey that the cat and mouse games of the old days are over these are two people that care for each other and are developing a serious (if not very physical) relationship.

Personally I think the most demeaning thing in the issue was the last bit of internal monologue she delivered "I don't know who he is and I don't think he knows who I am". Considering he just said "I heard your apartment was firebombed" I think he has a pretty good idea what her name is if he has her address. That's a pretty big lapse in common sense for a career criminal trying to hide identity.

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"However, this doesn't entirely make sense with the dialogue of the previous books. Additionally, the tender moment where Bruce agrees to adopt Bruce and Cassandra seems to have gone overlooked. The two characters have yet to share a moment in panel where they reunite. But then again, maybe that's just not Bruce's style."

I don't think it's Bruce that's not pursuing the adoption, but Casandra who has outgrown the roll of a subortinate. She's in her own Nightwing phase. Bruce adopts Robins (sidekicks) not equals (Batman incorporated), for Bruce to adopt her now would be a step back in their relationship.

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Looks like Norm (Tested) is well on his way to his thousand pictures.

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talking of bat villians has anyone noticed how the core villians are starting to reform?  i've been out of the loop on bat books for a while so some of these might have changed

Gotham sirens: catwoman, harley quinn, poison ivy; no longer planning capers just protecting one another

Man bat: was helping to defend gotham durring batmans absense

Bane is on the secret six

joker killed off doctor hurts society and at the start of batman inc,   When the bat isn't around he changed his M.O.

two face and pequin are running the underworld.  Still a threat but one that can be managed

I remember reading an interview a while back that the writers of bat man and robin wanted to give the new duo new villians.  gotta do something with the classic characters.

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There was a Gotham City sirens issue a while back that had Harley Quinn visiting her family including a nephew who asked if she had killed batman yet.  I thought it was amusing that this kid was rooting for his family member despite her being teamed with a killer like the Joker and how the kid would take it if he knew she was kind of a good guy now or if he knew about her adventures in countdown to final crisis, "did you kill batman yet" ,"no, auntie was busy with her roommate and a bunch of stranger defeating one of the greatest evils the universe has ever known, while I was blessed with the powers of a god"

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I'm troubled by Abin Sur's costume, looks more like the Ryan Reynolds costume than the current comic lanterns.

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