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What if Marvel and DC's two biggest threats to their respective Universes happened in the other universe?

What if The Crisis on Infinite Earths happened to the Marvel Universe? Would the Marvel Heroes be able to come together and stop the The Anti-Matter Wave and the Anti-Monitor? What sort of alternate universe Marvel heroes would help the mainstream heroes fight the Shadow Demon army and Anti-Monitor? Who would have died in Flash and Supergirl's places? And most interesting, what would a Post-Crisis Marvel Universe be like?

And what if Thanos gathered the Infinity Gems in the DC Universe and tried to take control of the DC Universe? Would the DC Heroes be able to bring him down? Would Thanos rule even be challenged by elder beings in the DC Universe? Would there be someone like Doom trying to take the power for themselvs in the DC Universe? And who would Thanos polar opposite be in the DC Universe (Adam Warlock in the Marvel Universe).

I want to hear your takes on this. And I want you all to write Marvel and DC Comic, flood their inboxes and get George Perez, Marv Wolfman, and Jim Starlin on this immeadiatly!


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castleking said:
"although GL's construct are strong and almost indestructible when against enemies whose will power matches their own they waver in density which is why some GLs are able to hold back astronomical events but have a hard time against a single individual with far less power.

Wow, I never knew that. But that makes sense now.

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How do you figure Superboy-Prime more powerful than Superman when Superman defeated him? And there's no need to insult me (mindless dribble), this is a discussion about 2 fictional characters after all, not about your mom or anything.


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DJ Diesel said:
"AtPhantom said:
"You're kidding?

I doubt the Avengers could take on Darkseid alone, with his army this is a curbstomp.

yeah, when I saw the thread title I assume it was avengers v DS alone.... why give him backup? He'd just give them the afternoon off while he solod this for a workout."
Just giving them the same odds that the Justice League faces when they take on Darkseid. And Thor could hold his own against Darkseid. Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man combined probably could too. I was thinking the Avengers would make a more surgical and stealthy strike, instead of the power-heavy JLA's tactics of going in full-force. With those kind of tactics, they could do it. We've seen characters like Orion, Batman, and Green Arrow do just that, and actually be a thorn in the Dark God's side as a result of it. But it was still cool to hear your responses.

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Okay, I'm the biggest Green Lantern fan you will ever meet. Kyle happens to be my favorite GL too. But come on, Kyle doesn't stand a chance against Sentry. You don't honestly believe that Kyle could beat Superman, do you? Cause Sentry is basically Marvel's Superman. To try and argue that he's weaker than Superman is just silly. They're the same guy! Just one has problems cause he's in the Marvel Universe rather than the DC Universe.

I've seen all kinds of stuff smash through GLs shields, most of those things being weaker than Sentry. Superboy-Prime smashed through tons of GL shields, and he's SuperBOY-Prime, not SuperMAN.

Like I said, I believe Kyle would actually hold his own for a good while. But as soon as fatigue wears in, or he gets distracted, or his ring runs out of a charge, (whatever happens first) he loses. Sentry on the other hand, would never tire. And a distraction, won't cause him to lose control of his powers. And he doesn't have to recharge his powers. Kyle loses, face it.


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I'm talking the REAL Avengers. Let's pretend that Apokolips is in the Marvel Universe. Let's also pretend this takes place before Cap's death and before Civil War and Disassembled happned.

Word gets back to the Avengers Mansion that Darkseid is planning an invasion of Earth. He wants to take-over the Earth in order to search for the Anti-Life Equation that is supposedly on Earth. So Captain America puts together a strike-team to go to Apokolips and try to take down Darkseid before the invasion can begin. He puts together the mightiest of Avengers to strike at the Dark God:

-LEADER: Captain America
-Iron Man
-Wonder Man
-Ms. Marvel
-Scarlet Witch

But remember, Darkseid does not fight alone, his dark minions stand read to die for Darkseid:

-LEADER: Darkseid
-Granny Goodness & The Femme Fatales
-Dogs of War & Para-Demons
-Desaad and his Dark Creations
-Vundubar and his Army

How would the Avengers fare in such odds?


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Who is the bigger Galactic Disease?

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Great Battle! If it was the Ion from Green Lantern #146-#150, then he'd win, that Ion was able to manipulate time and reality. If it was the last incarnation of Ion, then it would be a close fight and I wouldn't have a clue. But I'd love to read it!


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If Molecule Man wasn't such a wuss and whine about his life and too afraid to access his full power, then he'd rule the entire universe and make Superman his lapdog. But since he is the wuss he is, Superman sends a big red boot were the sun don't shine.


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Venom and Carnage are quite cool, 2 of my all-time favorite Spider-Man villains. But they aren't even in the same league as Silver Surfer and Galactus. They take the symbiotes down without even blinking.