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Come in guys', it doesn't take a rxoket scientist to figure out that these aren't teasers for separate events but instead teasers for one single huge event. I mean they all have the same release date, that alone should have been a dead giveaway.

Yeah, do people honestly expect Marvel to rehash every single event they have ever done in a single summer?

Clearly this huge event involves time travel and alternate dimensions, messing with the previous continuity.

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I was pretty enthralled for the entire episode. I'm always on/off with the Walking Dead, but if season 4 is like this the whole season, I'm very excited. Definitely a 5/5.

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Awesome, thanks for the upload Tony!

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Also a comic book shop employee in LA, at one of the most popular shops in the city.

I definitely NEVER have time to read comics. I meet tons of cool people, including many many creators. Sterling Gates visits frequently, as do some other guys. The creator of Butterfly came in yesterday and was thrilled we had copies of his book. He signed a bunch for us.

People wonder why we don't have smaller comics, its because you don't preorder them or tell us you want it. We don't order things if people aren't telling us to; its a business.

We have a few crazy people, for sure. The ones who'll talk your ear off when you are loaded with work to do. The ones who try to haggle prices with you. The absolute worst thing for me is people reading comics in the store. Flip through it, check it out. Don't read the entire thing. I had a guy read AN ENTIRE TRADE in the back, trying to be sneaky about it. Please don't.

I'll be honest, working at a comic store is NOT nearly as fun as you'd imagine. I am stressed more often than not, but its still rewarding enough. Still better than a fast food job!

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You know what I want in a Scott Snyder Joker story?

Bruce does kill The Joker, and never forgives himself for it. Even if it's an accidental death, You think Batman's been through hell? Imagine if he broke his one rule, and Joker was the one to do it. What if Joker did win?

Oh maaaaah god do I want to see this.

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The Marvel Cosmic universe is my favorite stuff, especially the DnA written stuff.

This movie, for me, was a 5/5 for sure. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, and even got emotional at the end. I never EVER would have thought Rocket and Groot would be on screen. Not just on screen, but captured perfectly. The action was well done, and the special effects were top notch.

Man, Marvel is just killing it. I almost feel bad for DC now.

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@danial79 said:

I'm hoping the film will take more from DnA's Guardians than Bendis'. His series just doesn't have the same charm.

That makes two of us. That DnA run is incredible.

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Oh my god yes. Joshua Hale Fialkov is so awesome. He knew his book was like, immediately cancelled so he went 150% overboard.


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Oh my gawwd do I love Unlimited. Arguably the greatest Superhero show ever made.