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I hate to criticize girls' looks, but neither she nor Hayley Atwell is attractive at all. I have no problem criticizing their acting ability though: neither has any. I found the first Cap movie completely unwatchable, and I was hoping this one might be like most of the other Marvel movies. I hope I won't need to wait till Avengers 2 to see Cap in a decent movie again.

Ali Larter is indeed one of many good choices to play Sharon, but as with all comic movies I'd rather they leave the love interest out than have her there just to get captured and rescued.

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I wonder at what point during the production they realized this movie would make Green Lantern look like a blockbuster. Probably before Green Lantern even came out.

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Five issues in and there haven't been any gratuitous deaths yet? They haven't finished killing the New X-Men, and the Generation Hope kids have been waiting to be killed off in a crossover since they first appeared two years ago.

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I wouldn't be surprised if DC reverts back to normal before DC Direct releases the whole Justice League. Not that Mattel will be done any sooner.

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@Joesoef95: Union Jack as an Avenger would indeed be awesome.

The monologues and banter in Remender's X-Force vex me, and I still don't get where he came up with some of the characterization (I'd hate to assume he just isn't familiar with the characters, but it's possible). But he definitely knows how to tell a tale of high adventure, so I might give this a look. And I approve of Barton's new job and outfit, although I remember his days as Ronin most fondly.