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Man, I'd be pretty bummed if Avengers 2 and 3 focus this much on Hulk. He's cool and all, but like others have said, there are just better stories to tell. Plus, it just doesn't seem like a very Whedon-esque story...

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Why's everyone left-handed in that concept art?

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@dmkicksballs13 said:














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@G-Man said:


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Haha, best possible answer to my question. Thanks, Tony!

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Not a big DC guys so be nice, but is it pronounced "Dark-seed" or "Dark-side"? Or something entirely different and I'm an idiot?

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@sparty-dbq said:

Let's compare two famous comic father figures for a second, shall we?

Ben Parker: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Jonathan Kent: "You should've let that bus full of kids drown, son. No one can ever know about you."


Haha, I had the exact same reaction. All would've been fine if he just threw a mask on!

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Since getting back into comics about a year ago, this is easily one of my favorites. Effing amazing.

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@judasnixon said:

Look at your most popular solo series. Your Batman, your Spiderman, or your Superman, and see why they work. First they all have a great supporting cast. lets take Spiderman, he has Mary Jane, Aunt May, John Jonah Jameson, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, you get the point. Now for the sake of argument let use Kitty Pryde, mind you I love Kitty Pryde, she my favorite. Take Kitty Pryde out of the X-men, what supporting cast do you have left? Lockeheed the purple dragon, that's it. Her supporting cast are the X-men. Most X-men don't have friends outside of the X-men. That's why they keep on hooking up with each other. Second, I can't think of one X-man who has a villain, who isn't an over all X-men villain. We all Know Batman has a great rogue gallery. He can rock 6 books a month, and there is no shortage of bad guys to fight. Most X-men don't have one real arch-enemy. If Storm, Iceman, or Rogue had a solo series who would they fight? and would you give a $h!t about who they're fighting? Storm can only kick the Shadow King so many times in the taint, then what?

I think that pretty much nailed my thoughts on it. Also explains why Wolverine does work as a solo book. His background/personal life has been fleshed out enough to give a lot of great stories. He has friends and enemies that are unique to him.

That being said, I don't think there's any reason Marvel couldn't go to the trouble to really start fleshing out some individual characters and reward those characters with an ongoing series. I'd be curious how some of the solo X-Men books actually sold. Did they not get an ongoing series because they didn't sell well enough, or just because Marvel didn't commit?

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Off-topic but I literally just double checked to make sure I wasn't on Anime Vice. True Story.

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@DeusVult said:

Please, please, please let Ant-man and Guardians of The Galaxy be cancelled!!!

What? Why? If you don't want to see 'em, just don't see 'em. I'm super curious how those'll turn out since they're so far left field from all the Avengers stuff.

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