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@JordanDrake: @kameo: "Actually, I say we just get out of here right now," Dr. Sententia said as he watched Kameo closely. "Whatever Orwell's gotten herself into, I don't think we want to be a part of it."

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@kameo: @JordanDrake: Dr. Sententia looked at the girl in utter confusion. "Who's Jake?" he asked as his raised his shotgun. "Oh well, I guess we should kill you too. After all, you seem to be friends with these guys who just killed us and you did just call Jordan fat. Bad move there. He's very sensitive about his weight."

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@JordanDrake: Dr. Sententia laughed as he watched Jordan take control of the man's sword and use it to kill him. "Badass," he muttered under his breath. As the other man pulled out his own blade, Dr. Sententia raised his shotgun and shot him square in the face, laughing as he watched the man's head explode. "Maybe we should just get out and leave Orwell here. I get the feeling that this was definitely a trap."

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@agentxx: @Antonnius: @JordanDrake: Dr. Sententia turned back to Jordan as he caught the shotgun, choosing to ignore the mysterious man. "But I could do it so easily! That last guy got me pumped! And what if I don't kill him and he turns out to be a bad guy? Then we're both dead!"

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@JordanDrake: @Antonnius: @agentxx: Dr. Sententia sighed. "Are you sure? I'd really like to kill him." He looked the mysterious man up and down. "I guess he doesn't really look like them. Toss Eddie over here, just in case." He looked back at the man. "And you don't move. I don't know if you saw what I just did, but I would have no problem breaking you in half."

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@JordanDrake: @Antonnius: @agentxx: Dr. Sententia heard Jeff's honking, although it didn't register until Jordan started talking to him and he was suddenly pushed to the ground by a man with a gigantic sword. Sententia watched in horror as the assassin brought the blade down towards Jordan's chest. Fumbling around in search of his shotgun, he realized that there was nothing he could do. The look of horror on his face quickly switched to one of amazement, as he watched Jordan melt the metal of the sword and send the would-be assassin flying towards the wall. "Hey, I can kill this one, right?" he asked Jordan as he stood up, giving up his search for his shotgun. He quickly ran toward the assassin, channeling the energy from the anger he had felt from Jordan earlier. He grabbed the assassin by the throat and lifted him into the air. He smashed the assassin against the wall repeatedly, smiling as he watched the body crumble in his hand. He threw the assassin on the ground and turned around, ready to make a clever joke to Jordan, when he saw another man standing there. "Oh joy!" he exclaimed, "I get to kill another one!"

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@agentxx: @JordanDrake: Dr. Sententia quickly aimed his shotgun at the armored man. "Don't move," he said. When the man actually complied he was rather surprised. "Thanks for actually listening. I'm going to walk towards you now. If you move at all, I will blow your head off." As he drew closer, he realized that this man wasn't actually listening. He was just dead. "Hey Jordan, this guy is dead," he said as he looked around the room. "Looks like there's two more. You think this was Orwell?"

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@agentxx: @JordanDrake: I forgot to mention you guys in my post and I'm too lazy to edit it so I figured I'd tell you guys here. Also does this mean we're getting some action? Sententia is definitely looking forward to killing some people.

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Dr. Sententia could feel his muscles grow with Jordan's anger. "Normally, I would tell you to calm down, because that was some freaky shit you just did, but I actually think you should stay angry. It could help us out if this does end up being a trap." Sententia looked at the beaten down warehouse. There was no way this girl didn't have booby traps all over the place in there. "I'll go first. If I get hurt, just do me a favor and think happy thoughts."

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@JordanDrake: @budheiser: "I got nothing." Dr. Sententia looked around the area, anticipating a fight. He almost hoped there would be a fight as he hadn't been able to use Eddie in a while. It wasn't necessarily that he enjoyed killing people. He just enjoyed killing bad people. "So you never told me what happened back at the gas station."