Why its important Cannonball and Husk stay in X-Men spotlight!

I have been going crazy over Husk as of last month, drawing her, following her connections to other marvel characters. Thinking about her potential, her brothers, her drive and heart and everything she puts into being a mutant. Cannonball did the same thing, which is great that they will be in the new Wolverine and the X-men monthly:

The Guthries stick together, unlike many other marvel families, besides the FF... examples:

Summers: Scott & Alex fight all the time, Vulcan killed their father, in the end they are not on speaking terms.

Frosts: One was gay and went crazy, then Emma Shot the one while the other tried to get one over on her.

St Croix: Lets just say M and Emplate and the twins never sway eye to eye on anything.

Magneto, Quicksliver, Polaris and Scarlet Witch: CRAZY!

Prof X: His son has a shattered mind and his step brother wants him dead.

Besides Colossus and Magik, no other mutant families keep it together like the Guthries. The X-Men are known for their family ties but they have not been showing us anything hopeful at all. Paige and Sam have history since 1983 and can both handle being full time X-Men. Why I think Husk and Cannonball must stay in the spotlight as long as possible:

-finally show us how they react to one another in a fight. bickering and all.

-Dive into how Husk's powers work now.

-Will Sam become more of a leader?

-Show us why we care for the whole Guthrie family, having Jeb and Aero visit/ join the new school.

-Some Icarus closer would be nice.

-Paige and Sam are the all American varsity players on the X-Men, they have trained and want to do the best. We need to see this.

-Keeping Husk around means bringing back lots of Gen-X history should return. :-)

- Along with some Chamber and Cannonball headbutting.

-Beast and Husk are both very smart quick witted people and should have great conversations.

-Husk and Iceman both have awesome powers to combined in some great art and flirting.

-Bobby's flirting with Husk can drive Cannonball and Chamber INSANE.

- And if they planned on having a student/ teacher relationship I only see it working between Omega Kid and Husk. Which then would have Sam freaking out about there being a line not to cross. Those stories only ever play out well if the teacher is female. If Cannonball hooked up with Cipher, Logan would bring the pain.

-Show how Cannonball and Husk wade through it all and still love one another and keep their family and the X-Men together.

I know I have some crazy ideas, and I am going to up load some crappy art of Husk I did last night just for fun. :-)

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Posted by Renchamp

Crappy? Nah, I like the notion.

Posted by jordama

I really hope some of these ideas are used for the WatX series. I think having the family visit would be nice but I don't see to many of them joining.

Also some Icarus closer would have been nice.

Posted by PrinceIMC

I remember in the X-Men annual '95 Cannonball visited Husk at school. They've been wrestling since they were kids and I think they should bicker but be an effective team. Come up with some moves to use in combat that showcases both of their powers.

Posted by BuddyBulson

@PrinceIMC: trust me i already have a few... one of them is the CANOPENER... where cannonball grabs husk(steel) and uses her feet to open the roof of a building the are trying to get into, figure 8 style. the rest of the team just filters in.

@jordama: the only one id like to see join would be Jeb, say he gets his powers back some how from Wanda. He could be the youngest X-kid again, thus keeping it in the Guthrie family to be showcased and Jeb could learn to control his powers from Surge who would be glade to look after him for Jay. Thus filling the void for Surge needing her family/ younger brother. The Guthrie family is a cure all. :-)

Posted by Copper

The other mutant family that sticks together is Northstar and Aurora. But they're Canadian so I guess that doesn't count...? Can't believe you forgot one of your favorite characters and her crazy twin sister. Typing that made me realize there are more than 1 set of crazy mutant twins (at least 1 of the twins being crazy).

-Cuckoos: Sharing a hive mind must drive them INSANE. Esme killed Sophie then died helping "Magneto/Xorn" take over Manhattan

-Quicksilver (crazy) & Scarlet Witch (crazier)

- Northstar & Aurora (Multiple Personality Disorder)

-Xavier and Cassandra Nova (Mega-Sentinel crazy) Grant Morrison definitely had them fighting in the womb together.

I'm sure there are others, but those are the the ones that came to mind

Posted by kiss_lamia
@BuddyBulson: yay for more on the guthries i loved them husk rocks loool
Posted by victoriancuckoo

love her, hope she gets more of a spotlight in WatXM

Posted by papad1992

I love the whole brother/sister concept... it brings a sort of realism to the fictional stories!! Husk is one of my favorite X-Men and I would love for some power upgrades and character developments!!