Awesome Mondo Mutant Mash-Up!

Now I have been toying around with this idea for months now and my boy friend said I should either Blog about it or write to Matt Fraction. So here goes with the blog...
Ten years ago Black Tom revealed something to us and the other readers of Generation-X, Mondo was still alive. since then we have not seen this mutant and no one knows his whereabouts. Until now! 
This is all theory/ fan fiction... but if you look at the clues this could totally work for marvel. 
 After Gen-X handed Mondo and Black Tom their butts... Tom wanted revenge on the White Queen. Now the Head Mistress at Xavier's in upstate New York he thought it best to enroll Mondo to keep a close eye on her. Mondo already has complete control over his mutation which is the absorb the properties of things he touches. He decides to take a simple form of grey rock shaped as the Thing.  Mondo now under a new guise, Santo Vaccarro joined Miss Forst's band of misfit mutants taking the code name Rockslide. 
Things to consider. 
Black Tom After M-Day.
Rockslide/ Mondo Power Base.
Mondo disappearing / Rockslide introduced only 3 years later.
Why Rockslide never has shown his human form, not even in flashbacks. 
No history on Rockslide really has been shown. 
  Now I have stories I could go into that I wrote and Ideas of why this could be a cool concept. I just wanted other people to think about it is all. My boy friend also pointed out to me last night that when he was reading Nation X .  Rouge touches all the young X-Men to kill the PredX, and when she reforms she looks more like Mondo then Dust.

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I gotta hande it to ya, it's really an amazing idea and might actually work. Nice mind.
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thanks i really wanted people to think a lil more about marvel.

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Nice theory!  But... could 'Mondo' trick telepaths & Cerebra?

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Nice theory. 

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@xerox-kitty:  well i already had that figured out. in all the x-comics i have read rockslide has never been a main character when it comes to telepathy. nor never had it used on him too extensively. id say this is b/c mondo was even hard to track, do to his mutation. i also think they need to have Cordelia come back too so mondo/rockslide appearing would be justified when he trys to kill them both. Mondo's reasoning being that he hates both frosts, and rockslide's being that she let all the young mutants die in the bus and how she failed him as a teacher. telepathy could be the whole uncovering of it tho.
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I like this theory.  
However, Rockslide could blast his arms off before, would Mondo have been able to replicate that power? 
Rockslide has been stated to be a psychic entity that takes a rock golem form, I don't know much about Mondo, but would that work with his back story? 
And as cool as it would be to have Mondo brought back, I like Rockslide as he his.  
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This is just classic
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@BuddyBulson: I really like your theory... but I wouldn't want to see Rockslide turn to the Dark side ;)
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@jordama:  I feel like Mondos background and character was more of a mystery then Rockslide is. I think that his powers could be summed up to that, and if u factor in secondary mutation, Mondo could have just lost his flesh form turning into the prychic entity that he is now from staying in the grey form too long, the rock absorbed the flesh making him what he is today.  Also Mondo could totally do the whole throwing limbs thing if he wanted to but he always chose cooler ways to express his mutation, in the 38 issues he appeared in. 
@xerox-kitty:  I think that if this route was ever taken, Marvel could use Rockslide as an anchor to the good side and Mondo would be the road to all that is evil. Sorta like our generations Legion or Madelyne Pryor. Crazy, Powerful, not who they think/ say they are. It would also give Black Tom some serious points, villians dont seem to have shit planned out any more except for Mystique. She is always like 4 steps ahead of anyone but that's mainly because she was lesbian lovers to a precog. She typically knows the end game to all her plans. Black Tom waiting for this plan to ferment to just the right moment, is glorious in its self.
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Interesting idea, I wish I'd thought of it...