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I'd say for me it's too close to call, cyclops has been leader and had gambit on his team several times so as a leader he should strengths as well as weaknesses of his teammates. Gambit could turn a battle in his favor by "simply" knocking off cyclops visor, great tactical mind or not scott would be too concerned with containing the blast with his hand leaving him open

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man this cover is gorgeous, i rarely by anything on a whim but hey a dollar is a dollar (but like 3.29 after shipping, which is still cheaper than a reg. marvel comic)

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i just got into watching arrow literally last night im episode 3, it hasnt wowed me yet, ill give it a couple more episodes. young justice i didnt get into until after the season was over, i had watched it on my boys computer (out of order, but whatever). it is defiently a high quality show and it brought "sidekicks" into their own, my favorite was aqualad

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id like a filer episode about the red arrow "family" that of course being red arrow as a dad/free lancer, cheshire as his estranged wife, lian (maybe a little older) and arsenal's role (if any) as an "uncle" and artemis of course

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im waiting on a throwdown between all the apocalypse "family"

1. genesis/evan - im sure he didnt just discard the armor but up against the twins he'd probaly get swatted

2. genocide - its his rightful place (he was ONE of apocalypse kids) and the twins didnt kill all the celestials and he's gunna want his "throne" and subsequent revenge

3. original apocalypse/archangel - the twins had mentioned they could resurrect their father i assume they mean archangel but who knows with remender

4. since the new horseman are all death(s) (correct me if im wrong havent got 10 yet) they all have rights to throne since they arent famine,pestilence and war. you also got a guy who has always wanted all consuming power (daken) what better than to be apocalypse

5. the twins - they seem all powerful but im curious to see what the niche in their perverbial armor will be.

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she looks like a geisha in football gear

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in the prior issue reed richards reminded me of akira from the anime movie for some reason

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im about to go on a little bit of a rant so bear with me (a positive one but a rant nontheles), ive been enjoying the 2nd arc alot, the most is the extension of the apocalypse mythos. back when i started picking back up comics the first on my list was remenders x-force and it had me hooked, it was a book about a kill/black ops team but that was just surface it was alot better than that, in my mind archangel/angel got the "aquaman" treatment is was turned into a complete bada**, moving along this arc has added even more to apocalypse mythos beyond the twins (they pointed out that genocide is 15 years old, which means Angel would have served apocalypse somewhere between 15-20 years ago) i also like how the twins being defeated could go any which way (it has to be done, but it could be genocide trying to take his rightful place, revived archangel/apocalypse,evan could join the fray or since all the horseman are death they could try to take the helm themselves, battle royal between the remainign final horseman and the new horseman) its all rather exciting