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I voted for Taskmaster on this just for fun, but Batman wins. They're equal on practically every level except for 2 things. Batman is stronger and Taskmaster is faster, and their "powers". While Taskmaster is able to copy any action he sees perfectly, Batman's unsung superpower is the ability to effectively predict what his opponent is about to do. "But Bats hasn't ever studied Taskmaster before!" This is true, but Taskmaster only knows fighting styles that are known to Batman (not counting Marvel exclusive fighting styles). Therefore, Batman has studied Taskmaster's fighting styles. Batman is always a step ahead while Taskmaster's power puts him a step behind. As much as I hate to say it...Batman wins. When will we get an Iron Man vs. Batman debate!?!?! Ya'll could call it "A Battle of Genius!!"

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I'm slightly disappointed by that. John Stewart deserved his own character and MM's combat was....wayyy to reliant on his ability to stretch limbs. Where's the awesome shape shifting into an alien dragon?!?!?!?!

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ummm I don't like this. Especially not the animation. They don't need to make WW more "Rad". If DC would just give her the kind of exposure Superman or Batman or the GL gets, she'd be one of the most popular ppl in pop culture!!!! And for the love of God... a girl's boobs do not have to be bigger than her head FOR HER TO BE ATTRACTIVE!!!!! The Injustice version of WW looks like a DUDE!!! This one makes her look like a teenage chola!!! DC must stop trying to compete w Marvel!! Marvel attracts a different crowd!! Stay true to your fans DC!! true to the fans!

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I'm gonna cry if it's good and I'm gonna cry if it's bad. Hopefully it's as good as the reviews say.