Suit-Wearing Badasses

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Posted by buns134

Angel!!!!!!! Yeah!

Posted by zombie flash

where is two face
Posted by IrishX

Johnny Sorrow
Posted by Walker696

Spartan FTW

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

What about Riddler, Gentleman Ghost, the original Red Hood (Joker), Pruneface, Flat Top Jones, .....

Posted by Buckshot
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge said:
" What about Riddler, Gentleman Ghost, the original Red Hood (Joker), Pruneface, Flat Top Jones, ..... "
Simple, they're not badasses in my mind.
Posted by jonasLighter

Elijah Snow, a cold ass suit.

Posted by Silkcuts

How is John Constantine not on this list?  He is the OG Suit wearing bad-ass.  25 years of wearing the suit and making it look cool.
Original list, but not well research.  That is like having a list of guys in capes and not having Superman.

Posted by Jotham
@Silkcuts: Perhaps he doesn't consider Constantine a badass.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Jotham said:
" @Silkcuts: Perhaps he doesn't consider Constantine a badass. "
Very fair that maybe he doesn't consider Constantine badass, but it is Constantine.  Garth Ennis' run alone makes him badass.  Rakes at the Gates of Hell is one of the best Hellblazer trade, one of the most valuable DC/Vertigo trades on the secondary market because its out of print.  I just think its weird not seeing JC there. He is the longest serving badass in a suit.  That is why so many of the greatest writers have written him one way or anther: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Mark Millar, Brian K. Vaughn, Brian Azzarello, Peter Milligan, Mike Carey, Andy Diggle, Jason Aaron, Eddie Campbell, and I am sure I am forgetting names.  On other character has has that many of the "Top" creators work on him. Like I said, its like a cape list without Superman.  You may or may not like Superman, but he is the reason people wear capes. Its like a respect thing.  JC is a "Badass" in a suit.  like him or not, he should be on the list. 
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

"The suit is silver. It glows. It's made out of reality warping Void-juice. Find me a better suit and I'll gladly hand over my soul." 
If someone does find a better suit, you`d better hope that that someone doesn`t plan to keep your soul...

Posted by Nerx

Don't forget jack hawksmoor

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This list is pure win!

Posted by MonsieurShogun

What about Mister Negative? He is one tough badass.

But overall this list is boss.