Ruined Characters

Characters I don't like for whatever reason. Usually that reason is because they've been ruined for me by fanboys, but that's not always the case.

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Posted by antemiusenteri

well storm don't like you too.....................bitch

Posted by AntiHeroMofo

Edited by Ryonslaught

 Never particularly cared for Storm, but I never hated her until I met her fanboys.

i like your courage!     X0
Posted by beatboks1

With the exception of Thor and Black Panther i can understand. The fan boys of the others really do hurt the image. (with Thor and BP I find their always under rated - but maybe that makes me a fan boy)

Posted by Kallarkz

hehe nice list. I agree with some points. 
But as far as Gladiator goes I think he has been ruined by fanboys because in every battle thread I see him in it always end with..."halfway in the battle Gladiator loses confidence and loses".