My Actual Favorites

For me, a favorite character is one that causes me to pick up a comic JUST because they are appearing in it. It's not every character I like more than a certain level, but characters that I MUST read. Characters from miniseries or concluded works won't be included because then it gets too messy, because of course I'd want to read more of a character if I thought I'd never see them again. I'm sticking with characters that are currently in the rotation.

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What no Martian Manhunter

Posted by World_Breaker_Elmo

I like your description for why you chose these characters. Not simply to enjoy a character in casual passing but actually enjoy them enough to search out the issues and mediums in which they will appear next.

You seem to like these Wildstorm characters. I still am learning what exactly they were all about. This whole DCnU is confusing to newer comic readers like me.