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@manchine: Stop trolling. If you're going to avoid direct responses, don't bother to respond, and stop being insulting.

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@homicidalmaniac: I don't think that image strongly suggest Karate Kid had stopped holding back. He tells her not to make him hurt her, which means he hadn't started to yet. Even though he was kicking when he said that I don't believe he was trying to really hurt her at that point because he was still warning her. And taking their personal claims into account (him suggesting that he could hurt her and her saying he couldn't) I'd honestly be more inclined to believe him given the situation. He knows what he's personally capable of and has hit her a couple times already to know what her durability is like and how he'd stack up. On the other hand, she doesn't know what he's capable of and has only experienced attacks that he's held back on. Additionally, it's clear she overestimates her durability since she's so shocked when Equus cuts her.

@papinacho: Ah. They probly would...

@nimrods said:

@_atomikill_: Thor is a God. he doesn't have pressure points

He does have pressure points. Both Mantis and Karnak (and another character) have successfully used attacks on him that exploit weak points.

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  • you clearly didn't read my post if you said i ignored the "blast". I don't interpret the flash of light the way you do (since it goes against anything said in the text and how black holes work) but I said that even if there were a blast it only strengthens the case for the metal since it would have survived both a singularity and a subsequent explosion.
  • of course i said he had the same costume before and after the destruction of the planet and then after the blast (in the next book) he has a new costume. it's not a contradiction or a lie. he had one costume before the blast. then the earth is shown destroyed and he has the same costume in that time after the blast. in the next book (which is still after the blast) he has a new costume. Time has passed between when he had the same costume (immediately after the blast) and when he got a new one (some time later after the blast). This is supported by the fact that he mentions time passing. Where he got the costume from is unclear because how much time he had and what he was doing in it is unknown, but you don't need more than the issue where he survives the planets destruction to know that he did. He was there, planet exploded, he was still there. That's all you need. If you want to speculate on where he got his costume, he could have had one on the planet where he was doing research on the daemonite portal, or he could have gone to earth without anyone seeing him (he is shown to have a secret base in a secluded location) and gotten dressed and resupplied.
  • I want to poke some holes in some other things you're saying but I also don't really want to keep talking to you so i'm just locking this thread because we've done this approximately a million times and im done with your trolling.
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@lukehero: From what I've read of Bloodshot, it seems he can't be scanned telepathically. Midnighter's way of gathering information is not telepathic so he should still be able to read him normally. Midnighter should be able to take him before Bloodshot can get nanites on/in him to try to take him over. Additionally, Midnighter has his own nanites in his body to fight against intruders. They were effective enough to give The Engineer trouble when she miniaturized herself and went inside his brain to tamper with him.

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I know Storm has the "potential" to control Jenny, I said that in my first post, but I fail to see any reason it would happen. You say "what's stopping storm from messing with her?" and I say "what convincingly suggests she'd be able to?" The best examples presented for why Storm would be able to are frankly idiots, weaklings, and people who aren't demigods. When I say she's literally the embodiment of a planetary force, I mean the living planet generated beings/constructs that aren't human, aren't really alive or dead, and are created to be the earth's immune system. She's more than just a person with elemental powers, which is why I don't put much stock in Storm being able to disperse Hydroman as evidence she could significantly impact Jenny. As for your question about Jenny's source of electricity, it's unclear. Sometimes it seems like Jenny throws energy from another source, but then there's times when she just BECOMES a massive amount of energy without it looking like it came from anywhere. Like she says though, there's electricity in everything so it's not like she needs a generator to be effective. The energy in her enemies is more than enough to be effective with. When it comes to her doing something before Storm "get's her" I say she definitely could. Between the two characters, Jenny is more likely to just end Storm before things even got started.

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  • The "blast" is meaningless. The text mentions no blast, saying only that at the singularity's center reality bends before it all dissipates completely. No mention of a blast. The art could be interpreted that way I suppose, but with no logical reason for their to be one and nothing in the text that supports it, I don't really agree. But again, you don't seem to realize why trying to correct me gets you nowhere. Say you're right and there is a blast, it only means that not only did metal created by Majestic survive the intense forces of a black hole, but it also was undamaged by a pretty significant explosion directly after that. It only makes Majestic's metal more impressive.
  • It's unfortunate for you that there's actual evidence of my point, that Majestrate had new abilities that surpassed those of Majestic thanks to explicit statements in the comic, and there is absolutely no evidence of your point, that his physical stats were superior to Majestic's.
  • Nothing more needs to be said to counter your stance that Majestic lost some hair in volcano. It was being used to support the idea that Majestic's armor couldn't survive a volcano's heat which is irrelevant because it's not being used against heat here, and also incorrect because his metal has been shown to take far more damage and there is also another obvious reason he no longer had his armor on when he came out of the volcano, given that he also came up without weapons that are demonstrably indestructible. And the hair stance is also countered by several other instances which I've laid out (which you've even agreed to, in part).
  • I haven't addressed the Void teleporting Majestic thing in this thread because, as I said, I wasn't dealing with stuff we've talked about a million times before, but since we seem to be wrapping up even your "new" points, in brief the response is this: Majestic was clearly shown after the destruction of the planet. And since costumes are so important to you, he was shown in the same costume before and after the explosion. Him having a new costume in the next book is because he went and got one when he was sent back in time after the explosion. Given that he clearly says he had to wait before he could interact with his past self's work and that he clearly had plenty of time to travel to where he'd be when he did so, he certainly had the opportunity.
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  • But it wasn't only warping reality in the shield. In the panels before Superman picked it up it was visibly affecting Batman. He also said he got it before it was fully released...which means it was partially released, and yet nothing was destroyed. Hmmmmm...... And yes, the two black holes BRB dealt with did cause a lot of damage (I said that in my post), but they didn't instantly destroy everything. Hmmmmm...... I think it makes plenty of sense that they're still black holes, functioning gravitational singularities, they simply don't pull in a huge area so that they can still be interacted with in environments that aren't the depths of space.
  • There is no a blast in a black hole. If majestrate were pulled in he would be condensed to a single point by immense force. His bones being inside him wouldn't protect them, they'd still be experiencing the pressure.
  • Majestrate not being able to survive a black hole doesn't in any way mean Majestic couldn't survive the destruction of the Earth, which is good since Majestic did it on panel.
  • The image does not say Majestrate will be more powerful. If you can't see that when it's clearly written I can't help you. It says he has abilities that surpass others, he shows some of these abilities, and he does not demonstrate greater physical ability. You don't have anything to base your claim on other than a line you're misinterpreting. I know Majestic has numerous senses including some that let him see on a tiny scale but Majestrate says "my new telescopic vision is da bomb" so I have to take him at his word that while Majestic may have something similar, it's not quite the same (also when Majestic confirms it he says he uses spectro-vision, so it's not the same). Even if it were only one new ability, the statement would still be correct, my point would still stand, and you'd still have no proof of yours.
  • Your previous statements amount to you saying that Majestic lost hair because he stayed in longer and we know he stayed in longer because he lost some hair.... Some proof. It could easily be suggested that he lost some hair because hair, being a dead part of him, doesn't share his full amount of durability uniformly throughout its entire length. In that case your claim about how long he was down there remains unsupported. Really though, one instance of him losing hair to damage is pretty weak. He lost no hair when he took a nuke to the face. He lost no hair with the brotherhood of the blade attacked and he compared the damage to that of a nuke going off. He lost no hair when he moved the sun. He lost no hair when he survived the explosion that destroyed the Earth. He lost no hair when he was dropped in the core of the world shaper. Your single example is inconsistent and I side with the multiple showings that paint a different picture.
  • A star doesn't have to be as hot as our sun to be an impressive feat, so again, even if you're right it's meaningless. We should note though, his replacement star was the same color as ours, an indicator of similar temperature.
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Similarly, Hawksmoor may have a level of protection because his mind is connected to every city on the planet and I have no clue what a telepath would do with that

I'd imagine they'd have to be able to affect minds on a planetary scale to even think of affecting his mind. Though Rachel should fit that description being Omega level and knowing everything Xavier knows about telepathic battles. Honestly though..I think TP is the least of their worries concerning Rachel. Her TK is what they really have to deal with..and just like her momma she's consistently shown control over matter on the molecular level. Betsy is currently Omega level..and while she hasn't shown feats on Rachel's level as far as I know she shouldn't be disregarded. M is also a pretty powerful telepath..so there's that.

Kitty can shut down Metroplex if she gets her hands on him..and will just generally be a nuisance to deal with.

Storm would do well with keeping them at bay with lightning strikes and wind..but she's fragile. And someone like Jack or The Collective Man could take her out in one swing pretty easily.

Does Rogue still have her Danvers powers? Even without them she could still be a problem especially since they don't know to avoid skin contact.

Jubilee is nice for distractions I guess? I dunno..she's always been the most useless X-Men in history to me lol

I think the most dangerous member on the Street Level Team is Traci..her magic is a wildcard that's going to be very difficult to deal with.

Thanks for your input. What do you think the likelihood of Rachel manipulating any of these characters directly is? I don't really recall much of that in X-Men or Wolverine and the X-Men, but it's not something I was really looking out for. Not sure about Psylocke's "level" but I know she is definitely more of an up close fighter. Whereas Rachel could potentially be fighting them in a way they can't respond, Psylocke will be physically engaged and at least give them a target to hit. M is supposedly powerful telepathically but she is primarily a brawler in actual use.

Kitty may be annoying but Jack might be able to surprise her. He walks through things too but the way he does it is by having the materials allow him to pass through. It's possible that he could trap Kitty in a room and have it NOT allow her to go through. I hadn't really though of what she could do to Metroplex, good point. I do wonder though, would she alone be able to cause that much damage? She disrupts electrical systems but I have to wonder if the size of the damage she caused would really effect Metroplex if it weren't in the right place.

The only real answers to Storm are Metroplex (size and firepower) and Jack Hawksmoor. The team has no real flight but Jack can manipulate gravity and weather in the city. I'm not going to get into the fight of a battle over weather with storm, but he could drop her right out of the sky with no warning. At best it kills her and at worst it lets other memebers of his team fight her.

Rogue, I'm pretty sure has no powers now except what she takes. The other team would know to avoid skin contact because of the basic information that they got from Madrox.

Jubilee is a vampire now so she's got more to bring to the table than maybe you think of her as having.

I wish I had more to go on with Traci, not really remembering specific spells. She's fond of teleportation and force fields but can do a lot more. I think I'm going to have to compile some sort of respect thread for her.

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  • I wasn't vague about the feat. There is only one time Majestic has been anywhere near something explicitly stated to be a gravitational singularity. I could only have been referring to one feat.
  • Given the loose rules of comics, I see no reason to believe the gravity singularity was less impressive than a "fully powered" black hole. Even the partially released black hole Superman held was warping reality before he got to it and even though Batman was unprotected, he felt no ill effects. A singularity opened up and had enough power to pull in Eradicator against his will but not enough to pull in nearby trees. Beta Ray Bill was trapped between two clearly labeled singularities and while the surrounding area was damaged, it wasn't completely destroyed. What makes sense given these examples and Majestic's is that the point itself retains its destructive potential, but the range of its pull varies so characters may have to be very close to actually be sucked in. That way these things can exist where characters can easily interact with them without destroying everything around them instantly.
  • You keep claiming Majestrate was more powerful than any other Kherubim. Please produce evidence of this. Below is the statement I assume you're referring to, but it doesn't say he will be more powerful than any other kherubim, but that he will have abilities that surpass even the most powerful, which is not the same thing. The comic does not show him to be more powerful than any other kherubim but does clearly demonstrate at least two abilities he has that Majestic and other Kherubim do not (his attunement to earths electromagnetic field and his telescopic vision). There is, as usual, nothing to support your claim, and to show that Majestrate was more durable than Majestic. So the point you're trying to make based on that assumption is invalid.

  • And even if you were right, Majestrate dying in the singularity doesn't change the fact that the metal was undamaged, which was the point.
  • You disagree that you've left your points unproven, but here is the short list of what you've not yet adequately supported (and I'm only using stuff from the post before your last one, I won't even go back far): Majestrate is more powerful than any other kherubim, the amount of time Majestic spent in lava, and the temperature of the star he created.
  • You say I "couldn't even post a single feat of his armor until now" as if when I presented it actually matters. I wouldn't normally even respond to this desperate attempt to discount the evidence except that not only is it a weak tactic, its ALSO untrue. I presented it on the last page (10 days ago) and the first time I wrote it you, for whatever reason, chose not to comment on it.
@frozen said:

@buckshot: Lol, I guess your doubt was right.

Just like everything else. ;)

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@dextersinister: What I'm saying though is that you should be able to have a conversation about the fight without knowing everything. I (often) feel like people are too concerned about being right and being able to say who wins to actually sit and find out who wins. Sure, one character can make a difference, but if you weren't so concerned with picking the winner and having that being the only answer, it wouldn't really matter.