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Midnighter's striking ability isn't just about what strength level you want to guess he's at. He knows how and where to strike with the strength he has to get the effect he wants. He doesn't need to be stronger than a character to break them down physically. When he takes it to Hawksmoor he's doing more than just using his momentum against him. He makes a blow to the back of his head and knees him in the chest between the images that were posted above. That's actually their second fight and in the first they exchange solid blows to each others heads before the fight is interrupted. Despite not have strength anywhere near Jack's 100+ tons or his incredible durability, Midnighter is able to fight him fairly well in h2h. And that's because he can make the strength he does have count. It's easier to accept if you see Midnighter like Karnak or Karate Kid.

Wolverine's brawn isn't much to write home about when you consider that Mr. X, who was human and didn't have move prediction anywhere near the level Midnighter is working at, was able to school Wolverine without much trouble. Add in Midnighter being able to hit well enough to drop Hawksmoor, Maul, Sebastian, and others, and Midnighter should be able to handle him. As for Deathstroke being a teambuster that can take down Justice League level beings, even pretending he's beating up Superman-level characters with any regularity and not just picking on children most of the time, Midnighter does the same. In the fight shown where he takes on Apollo, he's also taking on the rest of The Authority, and he's doing it easily. This is the guy who only starts to feel mental strain when he's working on fighting literally a million enemies at once. He's the sort of guy who jumps a couple dozen superhumans at once and runs that fight so well that he can maneuver every one of them into standing exactly where he wants so they can be blasted away by precision lasers from space. A character that will fight dozens of enemies at once and take pride in a rip in his coat being the closest they ever got to touching him. Midnighter's no stranger to fighting groups.

You're right about blood splatter not being the final word on a strikes effectiveness, but when you have something like the instance with Apollo, where the blood goes right along with a direct comment about damage being done to the area where the blood is coming from, it's more than just random splatter for effect.

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@pr0metheus: I don't think Prometheus' skill would really be a factor. Nemesis and Midnighter should outskill him before you even get to their various forms of precog and move reading. I think Iron Man's potential offensive onslaught would be more useful for his team. Granted, between Midnighter's Doors and Nemesis' shields I don't see Iron Man's attacks actually doing any damage.

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Most of what I'd say has been mentioned but I might as well make a personal list since I was called out


Wildcats 3.0


Warren Ellis's Stormwatch + The Authority (then continue as far as you feel you need to, but if you dip out, be sure to return for Brubaker's Revolution)

Secret History of Jack Hawksmoor

Global Frequency

Astro City

Ex Machina

Abnett & Lanning's Mr. Majestic run

Volume 2 of Wildcats is, in my mind, the same sort of thing as the later Authority stuff. It adds something to the world of the primary recommendation (Wildcats 3.0), in this case setting it up and beginning the process of redefining the title and the subject matter, but isn't essential. The post World's End stuff for The Authority and Wildcats are worth reading as well. Different than the other incarnations of those titles, and while not quite as great, a good exploration of the characters and whatnot. I think The Authority is a bit better than the Wildcats in World's End.

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Is this a bit?

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I think they clear it. Midnighter has had enough of an issue with each of them individually for me to think that together they'd beat him. It's not just that there are two opponents against one, because Midnighter can easily exploit being outnumbered, but Zealot trained Nemesis and theyve known each other for thousands of years. The potential teamwork they have is not the sort to be easily turned against them.

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@buckshot: "With enough knowledge and practice, a normal human can attempt and even duplicate superhuman feats"

This is not true. It doesn't matter how much knowledge and practice you have, a human being will never be able to dodge a bullet.

They can in comics

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@bigbadwolfx0: Yeah, the Kheran that Spartan was made from was John Colt/Yohn Kohl

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Dunno how I thought these were teams lol. I was here ready to say Black Panther and Miles Morales take it for all the gold coins.

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Sorry, I wasn't trying to use ABC logic it just kind of happened. I just never say how Midnighter should be able to beat everyone just because he can play out the fight in his head, playing a fight over and over shouldn't give you an auto win over people that vastly out class him or in this case can't be planned for. Deadpool has proven that his moves are to random when he fought taskmaster. I know the fight doesn't say bloodlusted but if it were than Midnighter wouldn't be able to use his computer on Wolverine just like Mister X couldn't follow his moves. I just think Midnighter is overrated is all.

Gotta be on guard for weak logic, even from yourself. Especially from yourself. Maybe if you don't think of it as Midnighter simply playing a fight over and over again it would help. Think of it as him getting to know exactly what he needs to do to win, knowing what will kill or incapacitate his opponent and then exactly what moves he needs to make to be in position to pull that off. Yes, it's ridiculous, but this is comics and so what if he has a plot device in his head as long as its mostly consistent with how he's written. He IS Laplace's demon, the personification of the idea that if you know the precise location and momentum of every atom in existence you can calculate both the past and the future. That's what his power lets him do, as silly as it is. As for these characters not being planned for, there's nothing to suggest that would affect Midnighter. Strike that, there's one thing to suggest that would affect Midnighter, and that's the Joker trolling him in Dreamwar, but on both the fictional and real world level there are reasons to ignore that. On the fictional level, that wasn't even Joker. That was a construct made by a reality warper. Whether it follows the same laws that a real body or mind does is unknown. On the real world level, that story was FULL of Wildstorm characters not having their powers done right. Midnighter's combat computer can do things neither Taskmaster nor Mr. X can do, so I don't limit him by their past failures. When they can predict an entire day or predict the moves of a million aliens at once well enough actually engage them, then I'll consider that Midnighter might be slowed by something that gives them trouble.