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I think they clear it. Midnighter has had enough of an issue with each of them individually for me to think that together they'd beat him. It's not just that there are two opponents against one, because Midnighter can easily exploit being outnumbered, but Zealot trained Nemesis and theyve known each other for thousands of years. The potential teamwork they have is not the sort to be easily turned against them.

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@buckshot: "With enough knowledge and practice, a normal human can attempt and even duplicate superhuman feats"

This is not true. It doesn't matter how much knowledge and practice you have, a human being will never be able to dodge a bullet.

They can in comics

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@bigbadwolfx0: Yeah, the Kheran that Spartan was made from was John Colt/Yohn Kohl

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Dunno how I thought these were teams lol. I was here ready to say Black Panther and Miles Morales take it for all the gold coins.

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Sorry, I wasn't trying to use ABC logic it just kind of happened. I just never say how Midnighter should be able to beat everyone just because he can play out the fight in his head, playing a fight over and over shouldn't give you an auto win over people that vastly out class him or in this case can't be planned for. Deadpool has proven that his moves are to random when he fought taskmaster. I know the fight doesn't say bloodlusted but if it were than Midnighter wouldn't be able to use his computer on Wolverine just like Mister X couldn't follow his moves. I just think Midnighter is overrated is all.

Gotta be on guard for weak logic, even from yourself. Especially from yourself. Maybe if you don't think of it as Midnighter simply playing a fight over and over again it would help. Think of it as him getting to know exactly what he needs to do to win, knowing what will kill or incapacitate his opponent and then exactly what moves he needs to make to be in position to pull that off. Yes, it's ridiculous, but this is comics and so what if he has a plot device in his head as long as its mostly consistent with how he's written. He IS Laplace's demon, the personification of the idea that if you know the precise location and momentum of every atom in existence you can calculate both the past and the future. That's what his power lets him do, as silly as it is. As for these characters not being planned for, there's nothing to suggest that would affect Midnighter. Strike that, there's one thing to suggest that would affect Midnighter, and that's the Joker trolling him in Dreamwar, but on both the fictional and real world level there are reasons to ignore that. On the fictional level, that wasn't even Joker. That was a construct made by a reality warper. Whether it follows the same laws that a real body or mind does is unknown. On the real world level, that story was FULL of Wildstorm characters not having their powers done right. Midnighter's combat computer can do things neither Taskmaster nor Mr. X can do, so I don't limit him by their past failures. When they can predict an entire day or predict the moves of a million aliens at once well enough actually engage them, then I'll consider that Midnighter might be slowed by something that gives them trouble.

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Team 1. Between actual speed and telepathy they're operating at a rate that Team 2 can't do anything about. And that's before Henshaw takes Surfer's powers away from him, or literally any member of Team 1 murders Graviton, or Henshaw unmakes Ultron.

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@warlord1234: @buckshot:

Hi do female kherans have complete powers like mr majestic I ask this because zealot has never flown and neither has nemesis.

There are different kinds of Kherans. If you check out the page for Khera you can read up on it more, but here it is in brief, as best as I've been able to figure it out over the years. The default Kheran is like Zealot. Superhuman across the board and practically immortal. Then there are some like Zealot but with psychic powers. These are the Adrastea, seen as a lower class. Nemesis is one of those. There are some like Warblade called the Shapers, and they can become liquid metal. They are the protectors aspects of Khera's history, things like genetic purity, the secrets of their past, and how they go about making their future. Then there are the Warlords, beings like Majestic, Kherans' with superman's power set. They are the physically best of the Kherans, considered genetic nobility or something like that. There is a group called the Pantheon, and it seems to hold mostly males and those of high power or standing. Warlords are from the Pantheon but not all Pantheon members are Warlords. For example Lord Emp is Pantheon if I recall, but he's more on Zealot's level physically (but he's not a fighter like she is so there are differences there), nowhere near Majestic's. He also has psychic powers. How I tend to think of it, to make it easiest, is, like I said, Zealot is an example of default Kheran. Kherans, across the board, have a lot of psychic potential and some actually develop psychic powers of one kind or another, but most do not. Also, some Kherans are Warlords, with stats and powers on the level of Superman instead of street level. And then there are Shapers, which are all the same but are different from the other Kherans while still being fully Kheran. All factions of Khera (Coda, Brotherhood, Adrastea, Pantheon) are just names and ways for them to group each other. Social classes. The only names that are any use are Warlord for the Majestic types, and Shaper for Warblade type. Everything else is default Kheran (Zealot, Nemesis, Emp, Backlash, etc). I think I said a lot, much of it repetition, but that last bit probably was the most concise. Hope its helpful.

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@chaos_prime: @buckshot: hi can someone point forwards some stories that are based on jack hawksmoor

His mini series Secret History of the Authority: Jack Hawksmoor is a good place to start. Other than that I'd say the Warren Ellis issues of Stormwatch and then going right into the first volume of The Authority are perfectly fine places to start. You can then just read through The Authority right through to World's End.

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I think that they only lose at 8 IMO, and before everyone says but Midnighter blah blah blah........didn't he lose to both Zealot and Grifter before. If so he can't beat these guys.

He beat Zealot, unless having your own sword pointed at your throat and then conceding suddenly doesn't mean you got beat. And even losing to Zealot wouldn't be that bad considering she's a bulletproof, bullet-timing, move reading, superhuman that's been living and breathing close quarters combat for about 10,000 years. Midnighter's also beat Grifter more often than the other way around. Midnighter's actually killed Grifter before. The only time he lost to Grifter was in their team-up book, and if that doesn't make it's clear it's for plot, nothing will. Also, ABC logic? Please. Everyone loses sometime. It's not how we determine fights.