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I'm not done with Battalion's page yet (and I still have to finish Jack Hawksmoor), but there are a couple other characters that have recently caught my attention. First, my thoughts on Battalion though. I didn't become a fan after reading all about him. I thought I might, but it didn't happen. He's got some cool things going on and I'm definitely interested in how he's used in Wildcats, but he hasn't joined my group of favorites. He is about to have a larger part in the upcoming issues though so I might like him more now that he's being redeemed and used in a new way.  
On to the new characters. First up is Cybernary. She's not actually new but she's new for me. I've seen her running around the backgroup of the WSU, but I never really paid her any attention. I read her intro series (in the back of Deathblow), skimmed her first mini, read her second mini and her more current stuff and I like her. There's still like 10 comics where she features prominently that I have to read, but she's cool. Interesting backstory, confusing personality (because she's got this whole multiple-mind-living-weapon thing going) and some cool powers. (I think she's on my favorite power-level, and one that the WSU does a lot. Interestingly-powered, super-street w/ the potential for more.)  
Next is Godfrey McLaine, star of Sparta USA. I picked up the first three issues of the book but didn't actually read any of them. I read them all today and I like it, the whole story, not just Godfrey. Seems fun and interesting in a way I really can't explain (this is why I don't often review books). I'll give it a go. I like the story because a world is built in it that's just close enough to ours that we understand some character motivations and how things should work given very little direction, but different in so many ways that the there's things we just don't know until we're told and where anything can happen and it's surprising, but not jarring. Best part is, some of the weird things are taken as normal or just not addressed, but not in a frustrating way, just like it's part of the world and that's how things are and the people in it take it as fact or just don't talk about it. Anyway, that's the story. Godfrey himself is interesting because in this world where stuff is weird, he's weirder, and we don't quite know why yet, and in this world where we're not told everything off the bat and there's clearly things going on, he's found out what's up. Plus he's a big red guy with magic come to challenge authority with his army of ex-lovers.
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