Things don't suck?

I liked Planet Hulk a ton. Everything Hulk-related after that sucked though. I still read one of the Hulk books though (after Hulk was stuck as Banner, I kind of like him like that) and when one of the Fall of the Hulks covers had Doom on it, I had to read it, and since I'm a completest that meant I had to read all the FotH books. I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know really what it is, though I have a couple guesses. I like the focus on intelligence over strength, surprising for a Hulk book and also brings more twists and turns that can be very exciting. "You fell right into my trap!" "No, YOU fell into MY trap. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!" I eat that stuff up.  I like the villains. They're characters I don't usually care about for the most part, and their character has been developed well in the few issues I've read. I liked that it has a large scope (the alpha and gamma books tried to tie in as much as they could). Hunting down the smartest people in the MU might be my favorite aspect of this, seeing how their all dealt with and what comes of those interactions. I like that it feels like it has history but isn't dependent on more than what's in what you're reading. And it's fun. Ok, maybe I had more than a couple guesses.
Also, Blackest Night. People still think that's good but I don't really look forward to it. I read it when it comes but I'm not waiting or anything. #7 wasn't bad though. I liked the twist. People predicted stuff, and I'm so glad it wasn't Hal Jordan. Probably my favorite issue so far. Gets into the (ever-changing, my god) structure of the DCU which I often find interesting.
Doom War. Also great. I didn't know what to expect, but I was definitely interested. So far, excellent, I'm on board. I didn't realize that taking the mantle Black Panther just makes you a badass. Badass Panther?
There was more but I can't think of it right now.
I really hope that things are actually good and it's not just that my expectations for good comics have dropped so low that even crap books can entertain me.
Also, Wildcats and Authority are great. I'm interested in how their stories will play out and the art in both books is worth attention, but the thing in both books that's getting me right now is the character work. Probably getting a focus since the teams just got mixed up, but whatever the reason, I'm glad personalities and relationships are at the forefront of these books.

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Dont worry they havent, I'm looking forward to them aswell. As are most of us on here ;)

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" Dont worry they havent, I'm looking forward to them aswell. As are most of us on here ;) "
same as this.
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Then again, I'd like to use a quote from Beavis and Butthead (i know, this is deep LMAO )
"If you wouldnt have anything that sucks, you wouldnt have anything that cool either."

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Doom War has TONS of plot holes. I was extremely disappointed.

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How bad is it?
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@Babs: Which are the best issues for Doom War? Of course, they have all not come out yet, but ...
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" Doom War has TONS of plot holes. I was extremely disappointed. "

probably because of tie-ins that you havent read yet
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@Voidheart: Actually, I've been reading all the tie-ins. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've reviewed several of those
 The reason I don't like it has more to do with the direction the writing on Black Panther took. The writing is weak, and the characterizations of all the characters are totally inaccurate, PARTICULARLY Wolverine [in Doom War]. And since when does Storm take crap from Dr. Doom? Weak sauce. 
I'm going to get a review of the issue sometime today if you guys are interested. :)
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storm does it for her people i believe.

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Doomwar was excellent.

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Actually, nearly every review I have read of Doom War has insulted it, saying the writer did not know the characters. How Doom was killing his own soldiers and shown as a madman was inaccurate in itself. He has alway been shown as a benevolent leader of his people where he is warlike with other nations. Just to name one.

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@crimsonspider89:  I'm not terribly concerned with what other people like. As for the characters, the BP related ones haven't been to my liking in a long time. How they've been portrayed lately has been slightly better than what came before so I'm looking at it positively. As for Doom being out of character because he killed some people, I don't agree. Doom loves his people in general, no doubt, but when his underlings displease him, they die. Maybe he's a little off, but not enough that it bothers me.
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yeah it's just getting harder to find the things that don't suck and then find something else else that doesn't suck before whatever you were reading orginally begins to suck personally I'm think of going back to just graphic novels monthlies are not what the used to be.