DCnU Update

This is my current DC reading list.



Batman and Robin

Demon Knights

Green Lantern

I, Vampire

Justice League

Wonder Woman

...I'm also reading Stormwatch and Grifter though I don't think they're that good, and Voodoo, which apparently no one else thinks is that good since it's coming to an end

EDIT: Added I, Vampire back to the list after issue 12. I had been on it then dropped off after the first arc finished (no actual reason why) and then I read an issue because Stormwatch made an appearance and I'm back on. Should have never left.

Posted by RayeGunn

We appear to have very similar tastes. ;) though I am reading Swamp Thing and Animal Man, and haven't touched Grifter since Liefeld came aboard (but I will, with great dread, read the issue with Midnighter... 'cus... Midnighter. I've read every appearance he's made to date, and I can't seem to stop even if it sucks).

And yes, I, Vampire 12 was a ton of fun, I liked seeing Jack Hawksmoor FINALLY kick some people (okay, zombies) in the face, and I loved the big ball of snark that was Apollo, he was awesome this issue. I want Fialkov to just keep them.