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Man, as someone who was really enjoying the Frankenstein series, this blows.

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Thanks for the answers guys! Tommorow I'm going to see what I can find in the Punisher Max series, "The Punisher" by Greg Rucka and keep a look out for The Punisher Warzone, this should all be plenty.

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@JediXMan said:

He probably will, not sure.

If you like the Punisher, you should read (if you haven't already) Punisher MAX.

I'll definitely take a look, thanks.

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As a kid I grew up in a small town where comics were a very rare thing, but I had always loved getting them when I could. I really dug Spawn, The Punisher, Iron Man and a few others. I am now in a city where I have access to comics and have been keeping up on the new Spawn reboot. I recently seen the New 52 at my local comic book store and was told Marvel would be doing something similar in January, I was wondering if anyone knew if The Punisher would be receiving a reboot or not? Thanks!