'Man of Steel' Easter Eggs and Speculation

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I spotted a few easter eggs in the movie, and there was one that I would have missed that came out when the trailer was released. So here they are, and what I think they mean for the future of the DC universe in film!

1) BLAZE COMICS – This is the one I’d've missed. In a fight scene, you can see a yellow, illuminated sign which says ‘Blaze Comics’. In the comic books, the hero Booster Gold travels back from the future to use futuristic technology to become extremely famous. To that end, he appears on TV and movies and in his own comic book, which is published by Blaze Comics.

Booster Gold and his robot sidekick, Skeets!

2) CARRIE FARRIS – ‘Carrie Farris’? Are you shitting me DC? Near the end of the movie, you’ll spot a young soldier named Carrie Farris. This name is suspiciously similar to the name Carol Ferris, who – in case you’re unfamiliar – is a member of the intergalactic Star Sapphire Corps, as well as Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s boss at military aircraft-testing and research company Ferris Air, where he works as a test pilot, and eventually his girlfriend. From this we can discern that we’ll be getting Jordan as a Green Lantern in the Justice League movie, but more importantly, she’s not played by Blake Lively, who took the role in the terrible 2011 Green Lantern. This means we probably won’t have the execrable Ryan Reynolds, who I hate and who ruins every movie he’s in, especially when they include superheroes! YAY! No Reynolds! Ding dong!

3) LEXCORP – At numerous points in the movie, you can see trucks bearing the name ‘Lexcorp’, as well as a skyscraper with the Lexcorp company logo set on the top of it at one point. From this we can assume that Lex Luthor is living his happy little life in the Man of Steel universe, and we can expect his appearance in a future film (as if they wouldn’t include him at some point!).

4) MYSTERY SATELLITE – I’m playing my cards a little closer to my chest here, because I think this is a huge, planet-sized easter egg. It’s exciting when you first see it: a satellite which bears the logo for Wayne Enterprises, the company owned by Batman! Snyder’s said that this is just a thank you to Christopher Nolan, who directed the Dark Knight trilogy and produced Man of Steel, but I think there’s more to it. It doesn’t confirm the inclusion of the Nolan Batman films in the universe of Man of Steel, but I think it suggests a possible route for the future of the franchise, which I’ll discuss in more detail in the final section of this piece, which contains a MASSIVE SPOILER so DO NOT READ IT if you haven’t seen the film.


I’m about to tell you a big spoiler. Do not read this if you haven’t seen the film.

Seriously. Stop reading.

Please stop reading.

OK, if you haven’t stopped reading, this is your own fault.

Superman breaks Zod’s neck, killing him.


Why is this significant? Well, it highlights the moral ambiguity that Superman has had to confront, but it also reminds me of a classic comic storyline.

A frequent character in the saga of Booster Gold was a character named Maxwell Lord, a military man in control of an organisation called Checkmate, who had the power to manipulate minds, though not without causing himself physical duress. He believed that superhumans were too powerful and endangered all humanity. In the lead up to a company-wide crossover in 2006 called Infinite Crisis, Maxwell Lord stole control of an experimental satellite called Brother I/Eye, which monitored and recorded all superhuman activity on Earth, the activity of the entire Justice League and beyond, through control of local CCTV systems, mobile phone cameras, and so on, as well as creating man/machine hybrids, called O.M.A.C.s, embedded within normal people, which would attack and terminate superhumans when given a signal by Brother Eye. But who was weird and paranoid enough to make this crazy business?



In the comics, Brother Eye was huge. You couldn’t miss it. It looked evil.

But we’re not in the comics anymore. If Bruce Wayne was going to make a satellite watching for these kinds of entities, why would he make it look like it was big and crazy? Why wouldn’t he disguise it as a regular satellite? Floating about with ‘Wayne Enterprises’ written on the side? Hovering directly above the location of a huge superhuman battle between Superman and General Zod?


So when the Justice League find out that Batman’s satellite exists and is being used to turn normal people into anti-superhuman weapons at Maxwell Lord’s behest, they’re understandably annoyed. So they go after Maxwell Lord.

Maxwell Lord activates control over Superman, who proceeds to go totally crazy and starts beating the shit out of all of his friends. Wonder Woman, in her fury, grabs Lord, and demands that he tell her how to stop his control over Superman. Lord tells her she would have to kill him (Lord). So she does, with no hesitation.

She snaps his neck. Twists it right around. Like a broken owl. Like Superman does to Zod.

And, obeying Maxwell Lord’s final order, the Brother Eye satellite distributes the footage across the world, commandeering screens around the world, including those in Times Square; not unlike Zod’s technology did in Man of Steel.

The superhero community is thrown into crisis, and the world turns on superheroes. When the Infinite Crisis happens, the Justice League and its support is significantly weakened.

Infinite Crisis could never work on film: it’s DC referring to its own reboots too much. But what a great set-up! The Brother Eye satellite distributing film of Superman, the great hero, the ideal man, executing his enemy General Zod, to all the people of the world, driving him away from not just the wider public, but his loved ones and friends, maybe at the behest of Lex Luthor rather than Maxwell Lord? Could this be the story for Man of Steel 2, which has already been greenlit, tying the satellite, the execution, and all those Lexcorp nods together? Add in the fact that Guillermo Del Toro is meant to be developing a Justice League Darkmovie (that’s the magic version of the Justice League and it’s awesome) and that another of the lead-ins to Infinite Crisis involved the Spectre, the ancient spirit of angry vengeance, going out of control and trying to kill every magical entity on the planet, and you have the seeds of the Infinite Crisis set-up being established, probably for a different eventual storyline.

So that’s my speculation! Green Lantern being rebooted, Booster Gold popping up, Batman existing, Luthor existing, and Superman being blackmailed by Batman’s hardware falling into the wrong hands. The future could be amazing. I can’t wait to find out what’s up next for the Justice League series.

I really hope I’m right.

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