Movie Night:

Movie Night: A Thurunslaadvokul Story.

The Dark Lord sits inside his lavished residential studio apartment in complete seclusion. His goal for the evening was too finally watch the entire LOTR saga, that he had heard so many commoners from this new Kingdom speak so highly of. He was most looking forward to discovering all there was to know about this Sauron individual. Another Dark Lord, one whom sounded by his fans to be both mighty and evil to the core. Thurunslaadvokul had to witness his great exploits, and see if there was any wisdom to be gained from these chronicle artifacts. "Let us see what this BlueRay is all about... Shall we?" he says with evil burning in his eyes, as his thumb pushes the power on button of his Samsung remote control.

He watches the first film in complete and utter amazement. "How did he not see that coming?"

The Dark Lord must know the answer to his question, so with a healthy amount of hope and a lump in his throat he starts the second film. As this film plays he thinks about how much he would rather see what Sauron is having his scouts and Dark Knights doing, and how much trouble could have been saved if he had only made the ring a crown instead of a ring. A crown would be a lot less of trouble to track down then something as small and seemingly insignificant as a ring... He watches on, until this film too has ended.

"How do these weaklings keep surviving these insidious plots against them?" his heart is racing in his chest and there are sweat beads literally rolling down his forehead, as he picks his remote back up to remove the second film. He is famished so he walks to the kitchen for a small intermission... He makes himself a Cheeseburger made from a cow from India that many people considered Holy, why? Because its Evil! "Mu ha ha ha ha ha haaa!" Then he puts Ketchup on the Burger and not Mustard... Why? That's right... Because its Evil. 'Snickers.'

After his food break he starts the third and final film... He watches it all in one sitting, never blinking, his nerves on edge causing his skin to crawl with anticipation for a certain and brutal end for Frodo Baggins... How he had lived this long is a complete mystery. Wait... Gollum bites his finger off... Mm hmm... Good... Good... And... And... WHAT!? NOOOOO!!!

The Dark Lord abruptly gets up out of his recliner, grabs his TV and throws it out the window of his apartment. The sounds of a car crash and people screaming follow which. He has reached a boiling point, the lunacy of these events playing out the way they have causes permanent mental trauma to his psychosis.

He decided to cool down his rage by tacking an ice cold shower. Many people live to see the morrow due to this decision, which was impaired by his current state of mind. Normally he would just go of a blood thirst slaughtering rampage when disappointed so, but his spirit had been crushed by such a level of absurdity.


Thurunslaadvokul: Character Bio.


Thurunslaadvokul in the dragon language his name means: Overlord (Thur), Eternal (Unslaad), and Evil (Vokul). Thurunslaadvokul is the only Dragon Priest to have three names in the dragon language like the dragons themselves, as well as the words of power that form shouts.

Thurunslaadvokul is also a unique shout that causes a blast of dark energy that seeps into an individuals heart and plants a seed of evil. Prolonged usage of the shout also causes evil to manifest, as well as insanity. Thurunslaadvokul is known for being the only being capable of balancing the negative effects that has caused enfeebling madness to all others whom have tried to use it. Over time it proved to become very destructive to their mental stability. If only used a few times the effects are minimal, prolonged use is a downwards spiral that fractures sanity itself.


The Overlord of Eternal Evil's history is something of an enigma. All that is known is that he was born a Ra Gada (Redguard) in the now lost continent of Yokuda. Ra Gada means "warrior wave" in their native Yokudan language. It is also unknown how old Thurunslaadvokul is exactly, only that he predates the dragon cult's conception, and was instrumental in the creation of the original cult. He has in some unknown manner attained Immortally and his name has long since been forgotten by all of Tamriel. This is about to change.

Images of Thurunslaadvokul without his mask.

The Mask of Thurunslaadvokul

In appearance his Mask resembles the Mask of Konahrik. In appearance the two Masks are almost identical, their are long forgotten rumors about the two dragon priests being blood brothers, or even lovers. No one remembers the significance between the two aside from Thurunslaadvokul himself, and it is a subject that he simply wishes not to talk about. Whatever the connection was between the two was a powerful one indeed and it causes him pain to think about the loss of Konahrik.

The Stave of Thurunslaadvokul

You may notice how his stave is also a death-scythe. This is not a mistake. And it does not take away from the fact that the death-scythe is also a vastly powerful magical stave. The weapon was forged by the dragon priest Hevnoraak, and enchanted by the dragon priest Morokei. This weapon predates the Dragon War, as it was used by Thurunslaadvokul during the rebellion of Miraak to separate Solstheim from the rest of Skyrim. After which Vahlok followed Miraak to Solstheim and defeated him.


Troll-Breaker: The Troll Manifest

The Troll Manifest

Shrouded in darkness predatory senses analyze their surroundings. The beast stays silent as the grave, his massive frame laying still as the frozen ice caped on the mountain peaks above him. His lair is not but a crevice receding gloomily, embedded in the stone of the sides of the rocky terrain itself. A spot picked because of it is ideal for ambushed attacks.

The senses of a matured stock are as follows: his eye sight as well as his sense of smell are impeccable. His hearing on the other hand is impaired in comparison to many other predatory beasts, due to small size ear canals and waxy build-up.

His limbs are long and powerful, and deceptively agile to boot. The body in which these limbs connect to stout and portly. Yet it is able to move its limbs with a great degree of control and accuracy. The results of which spell doom for many a prey, for at the end of this brutes long and powerful appendages are hooked razor sharp claws, designed for rending fleshy meat off of bone with every blow. And upon the mighty crown of its head the creature sports great horns liken to that of a ram.

A hulking beast that must kneel in half to fit itself inside a crevice that looks all to small to contain such a beast as he. Standing upright the Troll stands at an impressive twelve to fifteen heads tall. In terms of Troll heads which are roughly two and half men heads in length in order to clear up any misunderstandings. And then their is the third eye, which rests dead center in the middle of the beasts forehead. This eye never blinks, even when the beast is asleep the third eye stays open. It reacts to movement in the slumbering hours, alerting the beast of any hunters nearby whom are either brave, drunk, or fool hearty enough to attempt to kill such a prize as he in the first place.


Brynhyldr Troll-Breaker: The Skyrim Chronicle.

Middas, 9:16 AM, 16th of Last Seed, 4E 202


Recently returned from Solstheim. Had to teach some relic of a supposed Dragonborn a hard life lesson. Never send hired muscle after someone that you can't kill. Took a few days. Had to read some books that were better left alone. But... I found the guy. It felt like he had been hiding from me for a reason. And wouldn't you know. The gut reaction was right. The whole event was a big let down. It was harder getting to the guy then it was actually dealing with him. So here I am. Back in Skyrim. Back in Solitude. Heading home to greet the family and get paid my share. Molls store is kind of a joke but at least it gets me 100 gold coin a day, and her meals are nice to have on the road.

Just need to get rid of some of this junk I have been holding onto first. Ash Yams... Why did I keep these in the first place? Just got home and I am already thinking about going back to Solstheim. Met some fellow Werewolves when I was there. Seemed like a decent pack, could be happy living in the mountains, wearing those furs of the Skaal people. Just felt right there. Is it wrong to long for a simple life?

"Welcome. Look around. We've got everything you could want in life. At least... that's what Beirland always tells me." - Sayma.

The way I figure it. I deserve whatever I want. Saved the world from utter destruction more times then I care to remember. Even sat in Shores thrown before I destroyed the world eater known as Alduin. Had to listen to some crusty old Vampires tell me how much trouble their Lord or whatever was going to be. Took him down easy. Even turned into a Werewolf to do it just for the dramatic effect of killing the prick in such a way. God I hated that guy. The way he walked around all smug... Reminded me of Ancano that damn Thalmor I had to decapitate a while back, over some eye or something... I cant really remember the whole event was kind of surreal.

Not to mention the way this town makes me feel in general being so close to Dragonsbridge. I still remember waking up in that secluded shack. Crazy b*tch kidnaps me in my sleep and then expects me to kill someone for her? I don't think so... Had to kill her right quick and then finish off her little friends. Sneaking around to kill people for gold is not really my thing. Where is the honor in killing from the shadows? Assassins are weak.

I doubt any of them could survive a month living at my little get a way, Windstad Manor. Have to kill a giant there more often then not. Wake up to go fetch some chicken eggs or pick some berries from my garden and get caught in a struggle with a wandering giant in my undies none the less. Its not like I sleep with my armor on and keep The Rueful Axe on my person 24/7. I like to sleep in the buff. So usually when I have these little encounters with giants or bandits, or the walking dead. Its while I am still half asleep and in my underwear. My only weapon my own two fists, the way the gods intended battles to take place.

"Thanks for your business." -Sayma.

Sayma an advanced aged Redguard woman. Not horrible on the eyes. Was probably very beautiful in her youth. She is married to Beirand the local smith. And they have a little brat for a child named Kayd. Can't stand the little sh*t. He is always telling me how he thinks his pa can beat me up. I swear to the nine divines, one of these days he is gonna catch me in the wrong kind of moods and I will snatch the little sh*t up by his ear. Drag him kicking and screaming across the street and up the stares to his fathers forge and set the boy straight. I will look Beirand straight in the eyes and say. "This beating is nothing personal. I am just teaching your kid a lesson about running his mouth." and then I will make quick work of his pa. The only thing that has kept me from doing this already is the mother and father are honestly good people. I actually like them. And there are not many people in Skyrim I actually like. Their kid is a problem however... And his day of reckoning will arrive.

"I bet my pa could beat you up." -Kayd.

Take a deep breath Bryhyldr... No reason to be killing anyone today. Especially after the mans lovely wife just gave you some pretty solid deals on her stock. Just give the little brat a look that would make a Sabercat wet himself and call it a day... Now off to spend a few days at home resting before heading to Riften to pay 1000 gold pieces to get a haircut and some new warpaint. *Rolls eyes*


ill Yolked Joke

"I sing of the times of the olden thrones. When dragons soared above mountain storms. Loki the young and fair whose name holds the whims of jest. A trickster there never was in compare to the Odinson that is fated to usher the times of the Ragnarok. His wit did bare the harshest taunts. His kin forebear his jaded wants. " - Unknown Asgardian Poet.

This is an ode to Loki. It speaks of the time he used his wit and magics to turn his poor sister Brynhyldr into an Orc. She was not amused by his insistence that it was hilarious. Not at all amused for the entire three weeks she spent as an Orc.


Family Ties

Here is a list of some of Brynhyldr's family members. A little bit about them, about their relationship, and their power grids.


Odin (Oh-din) has one eye that blazes like the sun, having lost his other eye in payment for a drink from the well Mirmir.

He once stole the mead of poetry, and some myths say he grants poetic ability and inspiration to mortals.

Odin hung himself on Yggdrasil for nine days, pierced by his own spear, until by virtue of his suffering he was able to reach down and seize magical runes that were the source of wisdom and mystical lore.

His suffering so impressed the son of the giant Bolthor that he taught Odin nine magical songs that aloud him to master eighteen magical spells previously unknown to any man or woman.

Odin is fated to be swallowed by Loki's son Fenris at Ragnarok, but his own son Vidar will avenge him. Brynhyldr has no intention of allowing any of that to transpire, even though her proud father ensures her that his fate is his own and it is beyond her star.

Power Grid

Agility: 5

Durability: 7

Energy Projection: 7

Fighting Ability: 7

Intelligence: 6

Mental Power: 6

Speed: 7

Stamina: 7

Strength: 7


A powerfully built man with red hair and beard and eyes filled with lightning. Thor is the strongest (naturally) god of Asgard.

Although Brynhyldr is as strong as he or even more so due to her enchanted belt that triples her strength. She even broke her brothers arm once in an arm wrestling match. There was debate if it was strength or skill that caused this feat in the first place however.

Thor is son of Odin and a female giant named Jord (Earth). Where Odin is complex and crafty, Thor is straightforward and physical. This makes him popular among the common people. Thor greatly enjoys facing giants in contests of strength and martial prowess. His nemesis is Jormungandr the World Serpent, whom he is destined to face at Ragnarok. Though married to Sif, Thor has two sons with a giantess named Jarnsaxa. Those sons, Modi and Magni are prophesied to survive Ragnarok along with a handful of other gods and goddesses, including Brynhyldr and Olaf Silvermane. The dead god Balder is prophesied to be resurrected after Ragnarok as well.

Power Grid

Agility: 5

Durability: 6

Energy Projection: 7

Fighting Ability: 5

Intelligence: 2

Mental Power: 4

Speed: 7

Stamina: 7

Strength: 7


One of Odin's several wives,

Hildibjörg (Hill-dee-borg) is primarily concerned with her husbands warrior spirit and keeping him feeling young at heart and full of vigor.

She is a deity of erotic and sensual love, adept at the practice of magic. Elemental magics that invoke ice and fire, are her trademarks.

Hildibjörg is a free spirit and has many liaisons with many of the Asgardian Pantheon gods and goddesses. She is youthful in appearance for her age and is often times mistaken for Brynhyldr's sister instead of her mother.

Power Grid

Agility: 7

Durability: 7

Energy Projection: 5

Fighting Ability: 6

Intelligence: 5

Mental Power: 5

Speed: 5

Stamina: 7

Strength: 6


Loki (loh-kee) A handsome and clever young man, he often accompanies the gods on their journeys.

Many tales of Thor also include Loki as his companion. The youngest inhabitant of Asgard, some myths state he was the child of the giants Farbauti and Laufey, while others place at creation with Odin.

These myths were created by man. All that Bryhyldr can say is that Loki is her beloved brother. She has always admired his wit and his beauty.

Loki excels at subverting order and finding solutions and answers the other gods never consider.

Restless and easily bored, Loki often amuses himself by playing practical jokes on the other gods. He can take many different forms and often becomes female. Loki is responsible for most of the gods greatest treasures, challenging the dwarves to outdo their gift of Sif's hair.

Power Grid

Agility: 5

Durability: 5

Energy Projection: 7

Fighting Ability: 5

Intelligence: 6

Mental Power: 6

Speed: 5

Stamina: 5

Strength: 5


Quiraq (Closed RPG)


"Mary wanted a baby real bad. She had no husband, but had been with men anyway. Nobody could give her a child, maybe there was something wrong with her insides.

So she went to the Angalkuq, The Shaman. As her grandmother had done. But the village was Christian now, and the people laughed at the shaman.

He gave her a baby, so he must have had some power. Her white neighbors were glad for her, but her relatives were doubtful.

Her relatives were right to be doubtful. The baby was born disfigured. Most said it was just unfortunate. Others knew what it really was. It was Quiraq and it ate his mother.

Mary's relatives moved away and left the baby behind. A wanderer heard the story and came to see why. The wanderer was a wolf-changer.

He was a shaman of his people, and he thought that all creatures were born innocent and pure. The poor fool.

Quiraq was born bad. The changer would have known that if he had heard the old stories. Instead, he fed the baby and made it stronger.

That is when I sent for you Brynhyldr Troll-Breaker, the monster slayer, the daughter of Odin."

The Shaman that felt responsible for the tragedy that befell the town and devoured many of and chased away the rest of his people was his burden to bare. He was a wise man but he was old and was no longer fit for battle, he needed aid. And so he sent his ravens to send message to Odin, and then Odin dispatched his daughter.

"Where did you see this Quiraq last, old one?" Her voice is as beautiful and strong as the rest of her, and it made the old one feel at ease.

"I watched the creature flee from his mothers house an hour ago, and enter the house of the old shaman, which has been turned into a museum of native arts." he points her in the correct direction with his trembling with age hand.

"I will take it from here old one. You go home now and rest." She says to shaman as she hugs him tenderly. "I am sorry for all the trouble this abomination has caused to your people, and I will slay it before dawn."


The Spirit World (Ubra: Location. Information page.)

The Spirit World, and or The Umbra

umbra: Latin: shadow. A complete shadow (as of the Moon) within which the source of light (the Sun) is totally hidden from view.

The Umbra is a realm existing alongside, and yet separate from, the material world. Some consider it an alternate dimension.

The term "Umbra" is generally used, particularly by werewolves, to refer specifically to the "Spirit Wilds," or Middle Umbra. However, there is much more to Umbral cosmology than this.


The material world is the world we are all familiar with; people live in cities, connected by highways, eat at McDonalds, and watch TV. Crime happens in the silence between police sirens. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Near Umbra

The Near Umbra collectively refers to the three Umbrae and the Gauntlet. Though each infinite in scope, they are all contained "within" Earth: the boundary of the system is Earth's atmosphere.


Separating Earth from the Umbrae is a membrane known as the Gauntlet. Some humans almost manage to get close to the Gauntlet in times of bliss, meditation, or creativity: this state is known as the Periphery.

The Gauntlet is thinner in places such as a haunted graveyard or the wilderness, and thicker in places such as laboratories and shopping malls. The relative strength of the Gauntlet determines the ease with which one can cross it, or "step sideways." The Gauntlet is usually treated as a single phenomenon, when it is actually sort of three Gauntlets in one: one separating Earth from the Astral Plane, one protecting from the Spirit Wilds, and one blocking access to the Underworld. The latter Gauntlet is also referred to as the Shroud by Wraiths, and as the Stormwall by agents of the Orpheus Group.


Directly "overlapping" the material world is a portion of the Umbra known as the Penumbra. The Penumbra mirrors physical reality, but reality as it is "supposed" to be. A toxic waste dump site will swarm with malevolent Banes, a city will be covered in cobwebs woven by Pattern Spiders, and a grove of trees will stand taller and wilder.

The appearance of the Penumbra seems to be based on the viewpoint of the viewer. Werewolves will see it in a more animistic fashion, with an immense Moon dominating the sky (the Sun, conversely, tends to be much smaller), and everything represented by a spirit. Some mages may see it more representing ideals and concepts rather than spirits. Other mages (and the lucky vampire who makes it here) will see things in a state of decay: a swollen red sun shining on crumbling buildings and rusting husks of cars. An uninformed observer may assume, based on description, that there are three different Penumbrae, one for each Umbra. This is a mistaken assumption, however: if three different travelers arrive in the Penumbra, each viewing a different "facet," they are still able to see and contact each other. Despite the varying perspectives, there is truly only one Penumbra.

For this reason, it's possible that the Shadowlands/Wastelands is simply one aspect of the Penumbra.

Astral Reaches

Although directionality when discussing Umbrae is an exercise in futility, if we were to step and look at the universe from a fourth-dimensional perspective, then this may apply.

That said, if one were to go "up" from the Penumbra, one would reach the Astral Reaches, also called the Astral Plane, the Astral Umbra, the High Umbra or the Upper Umbra. The Astral Reaches are the realms of thought, of idea, of concept. This is the Umbra most frequently traveled by mages.

The High Umbra or Astral Umbra is a place that can broadly be considered a reflection of the consciousness of the entirety of humanity. It can be divided into the Vulgate, a region where various common ideas (invention, love, hand-to-hand combat) form small microcosmic realms that interact frequently with one another as human ideas and beliefs change, the Spires, a region where major abstract ideas such as War or Love form sizable realms, the Courts, where major societies such as the Mount Olympus of myth and the Court of the Hindu pantheon (gods included) can be found, and the Epiphanies, a realm of ultimate abstraction unattainable by most mortals.

Interestingly, while certain afterlives (such as realm that are apparently the Christian Heaven and Hell) seem to play themselves out here, evidence suggests that they are not populated by the souls of the dead but instead by beings who exist as a fundamental part of the realm.

The Middle Umbra

Unlike the High Umbra, the Middle Umbra is not organized hierarchically. Instead, it is divided into a series of discrete realms of physical reality divided by gulfs of relative emptiness and pockets of spirit activity. Roads between realms vary considerably (moon paths and trods being two examples). Realms in the Middle Umbra usually have their own Gauntlet and many are apparently infinite in their own private scope. While many realms in the Middle Umbra resemble the abstract realms of the High Umbra, the important distinction is that the realms of the Middle Umbra exist independently from the consciousness of humanity, while the High Umbra does not.

The Middle Umbra is also notable for the influence of the Triat and the presence of entire hierarchies of spirits associated with them. While many realms are not controlled by one of the Triat, most realms have also been touched by one or more of them.

Spirit Wilds

When going "out," or "sideways" from the Penumbra, one would attain the Spirit Wilds, or Middle Umbra; hence the term "stepping sideways," so popular among the Werewolves. This is the Umbra most frequented by werewolves, and is the Umbra of spirit, of essence. In the Middle Kingdom, this Umbra is known as the Yang World.


The Underworld is rightly named such, although it is also called the Afterworlds, the Lower Umbra, or Dark Umbra. It is home to the Restless Dead, the Wraiths who still cling to the world because of something left undone. Very few have the desire to travel here. This is the Umbra of memory: emotion invested in things which no longer exist. Even Wraiths themselves can be said to be creatures of memory and passion — although whether it is the memory of those still alive or of the Wraiths themselves which keeps them alive is unknown. In the Middle Kingdom, this Umbra is known as the Yin World.

There is a gravity of sorts in the Underworld, but it has nothing to do with mass. Instead, all things are drawn inevitably to Oblivion, the end of all things.


There are several zones which pass through the Near Umbra. If the Near Umbra can be seen as a triple-layer cake, zones exist as slices into the cake. An ant walking across a layer might keep walking over a slice, or he might travel into the slice. So it is with zones. An individual could walk travel through the Astral Reaches without ever knowing she has just stepped through a zone, or she might enter into the zone and find an entirely new realm of existence within.


The most well-known of the zones is the Dreaming. The Dreaming exists in a similar fashion to the Umbrae, yet somewhat separate from them as well. There exists the Near Dreaming, the Far Dreaming, and the Deep Dreaming. Either within the Deep Dreaming or further beyond it lies Arcadia, the fabled home of the fairy folk.

The Digital Web

The Digital Web is a sort of extension of the Internet, but unlike the Internet appears to have no basis in hardware: it is a network without servers or cables. Most remarkably, anyone (even mundane humans) with the right equipment can interface with it. While holistic immersion is possible, only certain mages are capable of it. Entire digital realms exist within it, and it is considered by many the "new frontier" to be conquered. The Virtual Adepts currently have the best handle on this growing zone.

Ostensibly discovered in the 1950s, the Digital Web is actually the remnants of the Ahl-i-batin's Web of Faith, a spiritual information network that collapsed during the Dark Ages.

Hollow Worlds

Not one but a series of versions of the theory of the existence of a Hollow Earth. Superficially similar to the types of realms seen in the Middle Umbra, the Hollow Worlds are noteworthy because they can be reached by mundane humans through use of certain subterranean passages, mine shafts, and unremarkable elevators. Furthermore, some argue that the Hollow Worlds constitute an entirely different type of Umbra, and call it the "Inner Umbra," claiming that if Earth is a theater and the world beyond the lobby is the Umbra, the area backstage is where the Hollow Worlds can be found. In any case attempts to cross the Gauntlet into the Hollow Worlds invariably fail, baffling most theorists on Umbral topography. The Sons of Ether are especially fond of this zone, because of how well suited it is to high adventure.

Mirror Zone

This mysterious region seems to migrate through all parts of the Near Umbra, causing localized hallucinations that are at once impossible and highly personal. Victims of the Mirror Zone have described unexpected encounters with past lovers, dead enemies, and other personal relations, as well as having witnessed those around them apparently exhibit radical changes in personality. These manifestations only last a short while (leaving the victim disoriented and often leading to misunderstandings with others who did not experience the zone), but can be highly confusing and potentially dangerous if the hallucinations prove hostile.

Null Zone

This strange region permeates the Near Umbra, connecting all places to all other places through a series of small tunnels. Most notably, almost all supernatural, magical, and technological phenomena simply cease to function within this region. Guns won't fire, werewolves lose their spiritual gifts, and mages can't alter reality. The one exception is abilities that allow a person to cross a Gauntlet - by traveling to another place in the Null Zone and passing back through into the Umbra, a traveler will enter another locations, seemingly at random.


These roaming scenescapes can be discovered in any part of the Umbra and overtake a traveler's senses to display some event of titanic proportions repeatedly until the Vista moves on. Events might include the Big Bang, Armageddon, or some other moment of catastrophic creation of cataclysm. The trapped viewer is safe from the effects of the Vista, and cannot affect them. Were it not for the disappearance of those individuals trapped within, they would seem nothing more than a roving holistic hallucination.


Yggdrasil. (Asgard RPG: Location.)

Asgardian Mythology

Before the gods came to power, the great gaping void of Ginnungagap lay between fiery hot Muspelheim in the south and frozen Niflheim in the north. In the middle of Niflheim ran Hvergelmir, a spring from which flowed eleven rivers collectively known as Elivargar. As these rivers flowed away from their source, the poisonous lees they deposited hardened to ice. Vapor rising from the lees froze into rime, layer after layer, until it spread across Ginnungagap.

The rime met the hot gusts from Muspelheim and melted, and from the moisture sprang the frost giant Ymir. While he slept, the sweat from his body formed the first of his frost giant offspring. Further melting of the ice created a cow called Audhumla. Four rivers of milk flowed from udder, sustaining Ymir and his offspring. For her own sustenance she licked the salty rime stones and over three days uncovered a strong, handsome man named Buri. From descendants of Buri and giants came Odin, Vili, and Ve, the first of the Aesir gods. They killed Ymir and his blood drowned all the frost giants except Bergelmir, from whom came a new race of frost giants.

Odin and his brothers carried Ymir's body out of Ginnungagap and made the earth from his flesh and the rocks from his bones. Stones and gravel came from the dead giant's teeth and shattered bones, and the blood filled Ginnungagap, becoming lakes and the sea. Odin and his brothers formed the sky from Ymir's skull. Four dwarves named Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and Vestri held up the skull. Ymir's hair became flora, and his brains became clouds. Sparks from Muspelheim became stars. The earth was a great circle surrounded by ocean. Giants lived on the coast while humans lived inland, in a fortification made from Ymir's eyelashes. Odin gave humans breath and life, Vili gave the consciousness and movement, and Ve gave the form, speech, hearing, and sight. The first man was Ask (Ash tree) and the first woman was Embla (Elm or Vine).

Aesir and Vanir

The are two races of Asgardian gods, the Aesir and the Vanir. While the Aesir are part of the creation myth described above, little is known of the Vanir. The Aesir are clearly gods of war and destiny, while the the Vanir appear as gods of fertility and prosperity. The two races fought a lengthy war until both sides tired of it. Neither believed it could win. To ensure peace, the races traded hostages. The Vanir sent Njord and his children Frey and Freya. The Aesir sent Honir, a big man they said was best fit to rule, and Mimir, the wisest of the Aesir. The Vanir became suspicious of Honir, believing him to be less fit than the Aesir claimed and noticing his answers were less authoritative when Mimir wasn't present to advise him. When they realized they had been cheated, the Vanir cut off Mimir's head and sent it back to the Aesir. Apparently, the Aesir considered this fair repayment for cheating the Vanir, because the two sides stayed in peace. Odin placed Mimir's head well beneath Yggdrasil's root in Midgard, making it a source of great wisdom. Over time, all the Vanir deities intergrated with the Aesir.


A great tree also known as the World Tree, Yggdrasil's brances wave above Asgard. Its three roots extend to each of the three planes of existence. The well of Urd (Fate) is beneath the root in Asgard. The gods meet at Urd every day to hold their council. The Norns tend Yggdrasil at this well. The well of Mimir lies beneath the root that reaches Jotunheim on Midgard, which is also the site of Mannheim. The well of Mimir is a source of great wisdom. Odin sacrificed an eye to the well to gain secret knowledge. The third root reaches Niflheim. Beneath it still flows Hvergelmir, the source of the rivers that contributed to the world's creation, where the great serpent Nidhoggr chews its roots. This constant chewing is why the Norns must tend the tree, and how the tree understands mortal suffering.


Home of the gods, Asgard is the closest plane to the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Many of the gods homes featured prominently in Asgardian myths, and so had their own names. Odin has two halls in Asgard, Valhalla and Valaskjalf.


The Hall of the Honored Dead. Valhalla is home to all those slain in battle, the einherjar. It has five hundred and forty doors, each wide enough for eight hundred men to walk through shoulder to shoulder. The rafters are spears, the hall is roofed with shields, and breastplates litter the benches. A wolf guards the western door, and an eagle hovers over it. Every day the rooster Gullinkambi (Golden Comb) wakes the einherjar, and they venture out to fight each other in training for Ragnarok, the final battle. Every evening those killed in battle rise, whole and healed. They feast in the hall from the meat of Saehrimnir, a boar whose flesh renews every day, and mead from Hedirun, a goat that stands atop Valhalla chewing the leaves of the tree Laecrad.


Valaskjalf (Shelf of the slain) contains Odin's High Seat, Hlidskjalf, from which he can see everywhere in Asgard, Midgard, or Niflheim. He permits no other god but Frigga to sit there.

Other Halls

  • Thor's hall, Bilskirnir, is in a region of Asgard called Thrudvangar.
  • Balder's hall is called Briedbalik (Broad Splendor).
  • Forseti's hall, Glitnir has golden pillars and a silver roof. All those whom enter Glitnir leave with there legal disputes resolved.
  • Freya's hall Sessrumnir is so tightly constructed that Loki had to become a needle in order to sneak in. Half of all men slain in battle, and all woman so slain, come to Freya's hall.
  • Frigga spends her time in Valaskjalf or in her own hall, Fensalir.
  • Heimdall's hall, Himinbjorg, stands next to Bifrost.
  • Uller's hall is called Ydalir.
  • Finally, the hall called Gimli in Asgard is considered the most beautiful building anywhere. Prophecy says all the gods would live there in peace after Ragnarok.
  • The Aesir have two communal halls, Gladsheim, and Vingolf, where they assemble to discuss events and even decide important issues.

Other Important Locations in Asgard

  • Asgard is also the home to Vanaheim, home of the Vanir.
  • Alfheim, home of the light elves (Lios Alfar). Freya's hall is here.
  • Vigrid, the field where gods and giants are destined to fight when Ragnarok comes.


Asgardian stroytellers say that rainbows represent the appearance of Bifrost on Midgard. For this reason, Bifrost is known as the Rainbow Bridge. Bifrost links Asgard and Midgard.


Midgard is the mortal realm. In addition to Mannheim, it holds Jotunheim, the land of the frost giants, Muspelheim, the land of the fire giants, the dwarf realm of Nidavellir, and Svartlfheim, the land of the dark elves (Svart Alfar).


The lowest of the three worlds in Asgardian Myth, Niflheim is home to Hel. Hel is both the land of the dead and the name of the deity who rules it. Those who die of sickness, old age, or accident come to Niflheim for judgment by Hel in her hall Eljudnir. They must pass through Gnipahellir, the cave at the entrance to the underworld, guarded by the monstrous hound Garm. Garm has four eyes and a chest drenched in blood. Anyone who gave bread to poor life could appease Garm with a piece of cake soaked in his or her own blood. The river Gjoll encircles the land of the dead, flowing from the spring Hvergelmir.


The Asgardian gods live with the prophecy about the end of their world. They know about that end, its called Ragnarok. Ragnarok would come and they would fight their final battle against the giants during which Surtur would burn down the world. They spend their time preparing for the battle rather than worrying about it, or trying to prevent it. They did so because they knew Ragnarok was never meant to end everything. Rather, Ragnarok marked the turning of a cycle, a point where the world remade itself and began again. Several gods, including Balder, Hod, Thor's son Modi and Magni (who possesses Mjolnir), and Odin's sons Vali and Vidar, were prophesied to survive Ragnarok and rule the resulting new world.

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The tale of Fenrir, and Brynhyld.

As the other members of the first pack chose mates and bred as they pleased, Great Fenrir, although free to choose whichever mate he pleased, felt that a female companion worthy of him did not exist. He held strength and honor most dearly in his heart, as his love for the Great Mother, and he found the humans to be weak and puny, and the wolves to be too sly and dishonorable for his predilection. He longed for a female so strong in will and body and so pure in heart that she would glow so with the radiance of the heavens that he would spot her among a hundred of her kind.

Many cold lonely years passed with Great Fenrir living in solitude, and he perfected his will and his strength in his loneliness, while the others of the first pack shaped tribes of their offspring indiscriminately. He had but given up hope of finding a mate, a like, that he had devoted all his time to tuning his spirit and flesh to the arts of combat. His heart wept, but his mind denied the pain that grew within his chest, for he knew that sadness over such petty matters such as longing for love would cause him to grow weak and pitiful.

He made up his mind to not be bothered with the pain, to shut it away and accept that he would forever be lonely. Yet like all things it still came to pass, in one of the most glorious battles against the Jotunn, that Great Fenrir caught a glimpse of an unnatural beauty leading a group in a flank attack on the Jotunn. She shone out like a star amongst hundreds of her kin, she fought with a ferocity he had never yet before seen. She wielded a massive battleaxe with double heads as if it were the flexible trunk of a spring sapling, yet her strong arms held it firm as stone.

This woman fended off hordes of beasts and monsters with resolute swings of her battleaxe. Her long, wild auburn hair danced in the wind of battle, and her soft, fair skin shone unlike anything Great Fenrir had seen before. He almost forgot his place in the battle, and was near wounded by a Jotunn spearman, but quickly regained his wits and slew his foe. After that he lost sight of the unnatural beauty, and saw her not again that day.

For months Great Fenrir ran as wolf in sullen desperate search for this female. He had to test her, were she as honorable as she was fair she would be the mate he had longed for all his life. Four long years he searched, before tracking her to Jotunheim. At this time most of the humans lived at the center of the Earth, but Great Fenrir had to go far from the cradle of humanity to find her, past the ends of the world in fact. To the great frozen land of the Jotunn he came, where the frost lay on the ground all year and the winds blew harsh and biting cold. Here he found her, a princess of her people, whom we remember as the Asgardains.

Fenrir was granted an audience and bowed before her. He praised her and pleaded his love for her, and asked her to be his mate. The princess, Brynhyld, was betrothed to a lord of the Jotunn, another great warrior. Great Fenrir was infuriated, and said that he would meet this lord in combat over the love for Brynhyld. The princess agreed to wed the victor, if the lord would take Fenrir's challenge. The lord's messengers bore back word that he accepted, and the attendants began their preparations for the duel.

Fenrir was momentarily startled on the day of his fight, for the lord he had challenged was a giant, an old giant of the frost itself. But Great Fenrir summoned up all his strength and courage and might, and he fought until near death against this giant lord of Jotunheim. Long and hard was the fight, the hardest challenge Great Fenrir had hitherto faced. Great Fenrir was not named the greatest warrior alive in vain, and he broke the giant's neck although his own, massive arms could not even reach around the whole of it. However, the fight had taken its toll on Great Fenrir as well, and after proving himself victorious he fell into unconsciousness.

When he woke, he found himself being nursed by Brynhyld herself. At first he was angered, because he did not wish to be nursed like some lowly human child. Brynhyld explained to him that he had saved her from a life of a brutal giant as her mate, a giant she detested, and that his show of might and unmatched combat skill had won her heart and that she loved him now. Even so, Great Fenrir tested Brynhyld, with three tests still used by our greatest elders today to test those seeking wisdom, but privy to only a select few of the leaders of tribe. He had to be certain that she was truly worthy. And as was guessed from the moment he first saw her, she was much more than worthy. She was ideal. His heart rejoiced, for he had found his mate.

- as told by an unknown bard in Asgard.

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