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As a Devoted Doom Patrol fan I agree, The Doom Patrol need to have their own ongoing, under the New 52 Moniker!

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WTF! It looks like the logo for a new Apple Product, That logo doesn't make me think, "Oh Valiant Heroes, Risking their lives to save the innocent" but instead makes me wonder which operating system I'll need to run it on. Dc's Past logo's symbolized heroism, I loved them keeping up the star motif, It was cool, and I actually grew accustom to the Current/Previous logo, This-This is a mockery to the 75 Years of Heroism, and Bravery, the newest Macbook -_-

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Alright, It's time I''ve Spoken up. Tony, I usually agree with everything you say in you're articles, but The one time I didn't was with the New 52 Action Comics. I couldn't BELIEVE you could justify such a betrayal to the character. Admittedly seeing Superman start his career is a very interesting story, but the personality changes (That you praised) I hated. Why would Clark act that way, After being raised by the Kents. It makes no sense, and I think it's pathetic how they seem to forget that. But on to this article, I couldn't help but disagree completely Detective Comics should be NOTHING like Action Comics. Batman's early years, have been seen SEVERAL TIMES, like in Year One, and in Confidential. I do agree we need a different Batman story to spice up the four Ongoing, but I don't think it should be an "Early Years" Story.

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You make pretty good points, But I must disagree on your version of the Steel movie. I believe Superman is iconic, and even a small cameo in the beginning(and obvious Trailer material) would pull an audience towards him. I still think you should see his dark past, Which makes even more reason Why him Seeing Superman would defiantly make sense as inspiration, Instead of the reason that "Weapons are Bad". Plus We would finally get a gritty "Superman" film, without ruining Superman. As for John Stewart, I think They should make him a side character In the next film, and If they go through with the Parallax possession, He could be made a Lantern (Maybe alongside Kyle, but that's debatable), To stand up in his absence, and Maybe even get an awesome fight scene between them.

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Aww....I was looking foward to Victor Von Doom, being a bit of a Doom fan myself....

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I can understand where both sides are coming from. A lot of the Ultimate Spiderman readers really grew attached to Peter as a character, Following his life experiences. So seeing him dead and gone really hurts, and wanting him back is a normal reaction. I could also see how readers of the normal 616 universe, want to see something different happen with Spiderman and have someone else carry the burden and see how they react. I think they should both be able to exist (like Peter and Ben Reilly), That could be a potential way to have two new books (Like the NDCU's Batwing title) that could see the expansion of Miles story, as well as continue on with Peter's story for the Peter fan's. Though knowing this is the Ultimate Universe, I'm sure that's never going to happen, but It would be nice.

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I had hope this one might turn out good, and then they had peeing fire......Ugh

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@HubrisRanger: I Agree, That's what i saw as well. If that were the case, I wouldn't mind picking up the book
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How are you going to pick up new readers!? If they didn't read it before, What's going to make them start now, and Most of your answers were just "We want to go into the character's core" Well um No, WTF Did you need to revamp everything, I think this is just lazy on Dc's part.... I'm a super dedicated DC fan, and even I've been Glancing over some Marvel titles

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