TIme Travel's A Bitch

Ok Let me Get one thing straight, i have gone through several milleniums, and i'm abit pissed. Main reason i am slowly getting back my memory, and i just realized all the BS i went through.  I was a Caveman, Witch Hunter, Cowboy, and PI, i think i have had my share of Crap. Well I'm Tired.....Grayson's keeping my job, I'm starting up Batman Inc., and it's about time i get some break or recognition........
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

Sorry to hear about your luck but buck up and deal with it. You are The Bat after all.
I personally find it a very pleasant experience and do so whenever i get the chance.

Posted by LightBright

Not everyone has the stamina of Batman. Keep it up.

Posted by MKF30

I'm still a little confused with this whole thing lol DS blasting him, he's sent to another dimension...works his way back thru time lol. Only in comics....and cause it's Batman lol