TIme Travel's A Bitch

Ok Let me Get one thing straight, i have gone through several milleniums, and i'm abit pissed. Main reason i am slowly getting back my memory, and i just realized all the BS i went through.  I was a Caveman, Witch Hunter, Cowboy, and PI, i think i have had my share of Crap. Well I'm Tired.....Grayson's keeping my job, I'm starting up Batman Inc., and it's about time i get some break or recognition........

I don't wish This on Anyone

why Hello There, It is  Me Again, back to settle some minds. ONE, i did infact NOT wish the life i had on anyone, but when robin came into hand, he had already saw BOTH of his parents die before his eyes. So Too Late. Then there was Jason Todd, but......Then again i found it said, he was a poor boy alone, i took him in.......my mistake. Then  Tim Drake(or rather Wayne) Blackmailed me into it. It wasn't by force....just odd circumstances.


Back to the Future

On my Way back to the present, i figure why not blog through it all, the prehistoric days were lovely, and i didn't mind the witch hunting, but meeting up with Jonah hex in the good ol' west wasn't to fun.