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I'm absolutely thrilled when I heard that  Bane was gonna be the main villain. I know Tom will do the job right. I mean hell Bronson was pretty damn close to Bane's origin almost. What's good is that Tom has already build a foundation of muscle from his role in Bronson. NOW he just needs to add some more. Like I'm talking about Chris Hemsworth (Thor) big. I recommend he talks to him or the Rock and get on their workout and diet plan to pack on more muscle. If that means he has to juice then so be it :D  
I honestly think we'll get something like this when Batman and Bane go at it, and I think they should use that mask. Since you'll be able to see Tom's mouth and eyes, and should go with the voice close to that like Henry Silva. 
Something like this wouldn't be bad of how Tom should maybe look like. 



 I'm happy that Selina is gonna be in it but I'm not thrilled with who they got. I would've preferred Olivia Wilde, Carla Gugino, Mia Kirshner or Emmy Rossum to play Selina. But I guess we'll see what happens. 
I'm still hoping Black Mask to be in this, and I'm still hoping Nolan reteams with Guy Pearce and has him play Black Mask. If not him Tim Olyphant would good too. Be interesting too if they did have Lady Shiva or Talia be in the movie too. Since they've been scouting Asia for locations. Could be where Batman does have his back broken , and either two of those ladies help retrain him and rehabilitate him. This is a HUGE maybe but Killer Croc could be in it cause of them checking out Louisiana  and what a good way to show how powerful Bane is and show him and Croc going at it and have Bane break Crocs arms like in Knightfall. Just all theories. With Nolan you have to expect the unexpected. 
I'm still hoping Bullock, Montoya, Essen  & Allen be the new cops brought in to replace the paid of cops that Gordon thought he trusted. I would LOVE to have Michael Chiklis as Bullock . Just picture Bullock like Vic Mackey except with a stogie, trenchcoat and fedora. And I would love it if someone like Michelle Rodriguez as Montoya.
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Bout EFFING time he went back to being Scorpion. I never liked him as Venom, and I agree you would think for someone who was a P.I. he would have sooome brains.
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You also forgot Madame Masque.
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@King Saturn:

Exactly ! :D
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I'm not happy with Jean and Scott being in it. I haven't really been loving who they have in this , but I have to say I think the costumes look good. I'm surprised how sexy January looks in the costume. I thought she would've been too skinny and not curvy enough. So honestly I'm kind of pleased with this. Though I wish Magneto had his helmet and his own colors.
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I'm glad to hear that you also don't know how you feel towards the Cap suit. It just looks too bulky to me and like there's too much going on with it. I also thought it would've been alot more tighter looking like in the concept artwork. 
And I want to like the GL suit. But I'm still having mix feelings towards it. Like it looks good in these children's books i've been seeing for the movie, but when I watch it in action from the trailer. I'm kind of like ehh. 


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@Cherry Bomb:
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@Sexy Merc:
Lol you have the right to do that.  
Buuut it be alot cooler if you voted for my friend ha ha. :D
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THIS is what the Green Hornet movie should've been like. 

And like I said before it should've been Jet Li as Kato. 
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You know what Jon Hamm would've been good too. 
You know Greg Kinnear - who was Captain Amazing in Mystery Men. Looks a little like Van Williams lol