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I like my original Steel better. DC GO BACK TO THE WAY THINGS WERE!!

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Almost everyday, because if you slack off in your workouts. It's going to show , believe me I know.

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Yeah I was in complete shock to see Sophia turned into a zombie. Seeing how she's still alive in the comics, and even became an adopted daughter to Maggie & Glenn. I was still hoping my theory of the Governor's people found her or kidnapped her and that way we they can introduce him into next season.Being how it took like 6 episodes to finally know what happened to her. They gotta show flashback episodes of her so we can see what happened. To see the trail she was leaving behind that Darryl was finding. And I know some people hate Shane, but I tell you what he's not wrong. Especially, when he was trying to show Hershel that they're NOT "sick." They're f&^king dead man. And it didn't seem like alot of the people in the group were really against him, except for Lori & Maggie, on what he was saying and when was returning the guns.

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I'm bummed out that they didn't bring in Black Panther for the Avengers movie. I mean it seems like a Black Panther movie will never happen. When really it should've happened a long time ago.

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Oh and more thing. I get this feeling that Carol & Darryl might hook up. Which is good, because Carol went a little crazy in the comics obsessing over Lori. So she needs that kind of solid structure from a man that doesn't beat her.

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Even though Darryl isn't from the comics. I absolutely love his character, and hope he'll be included into the comics. Similar, to how Harley Quinn started out. I honestly love Shane, and that's a guy I don't want to see die. Do I agree with what he did to Otis? Not too much, but do I think he's a strong character that can make calls that Rick can't? Hell yeah I do! I just hate to see him starting to unhinge, and Lori isn't helping. I think with these flashbacks, help give a better look at who Shane is and how he DID try to save Rick when he was in a coma, and the great good he's done to save Lori & Carl. As far as this Sophia being lost crap. I'm getting pretty bored of this storyline. It's starting to take its toll on being boring and played out. I mean seriously, how is that they can't find her? I mean why couldn't she just listen to Rick and STAY WHERE HE TOLD YOU TO STAY AND FOLLOW THE PATH HE TOLD YOU TO FOLLOW? I mean shit finding that highway is not impossible. If that was her that found that abandoned house & eating those sardines. I'm pretty sure she could find her way back. My only other logical idea that could've possibly happened to her, besides being attacked by a walker, is her being kidnapped. Like you said, the show is starting to jump around chronologically a little bit. So maybe it's those cannibals or the Governor's people. Now for Andrea. I'm just going to flat out and say it. The bitch is starting to get on my nerves. I love her in the comics, but right now I'm not loving her as how she's being portrayed. Just the constant bitching about wanting her gun and not wanting to be a victim, and not listening to the group leaders. But f%$king panicking everytime she sees a walker or has to fight one. Like seriously if you'r going to bitch about it and preach on that crap about not being a victim and wanting a gun, then don't act like a chicken shit when you confront a zombie - SERIOUSLY,MAN! I mean you can see it on the clip they showed on the Talking Dead. Like with when she thought Darryl was a zombie, and Rick told her NOT to fire the gun. What did she do? She didn't effing listen, what a surprise. I mean use your head woman. You have 4 guys with weapons in their hand going to take out of what they thought was a zombie. Do you really think they need your "help" taking it out? And another thing, don't you think that gunfire could attract more? I mean seriously I want someone to tell her knock off her shit, and shut the eff up. Anyways, overall a good solid episode. Highlight of it was Darryl, and his surviving skills, and the very end with the barn. I just hope they start picking up the pace by finding Sophia, cause shit is getting old, and Andrea knocks her crap off.

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I much prefer a movie of Deadman. I had read that Gullimero del Toro was wanting to do a Deadman movie and have Doug Jones play Deadman. Which is like perfect.
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I'm telling you Marion is Talia.
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Spider-Man is a jokester and a wiseass not a moody bitch like they're displaying here in this movie.  
They're just trying to make everything dark cause it works for Batman.