Tom Hardy is Bane

Tom Hardy is now Bane in the new Batman movie and I am absolutely trhilled that Bane is in it. In Bronson it certainly shows that Tom can portray the true comic book incarnation of Bane that we did not get in the travesty that was Batman & Robin. We will finally get the true Bane,which was a prisoner since he was 8yrs old in a South American prison -for the crimes his father committed . Mind you Bane isn't just an un stoppable physical force. He's also a serious mental threat, with wits that are as formidable as his muscles. Now Tom just needs to get on Chri ... s Hemsworth's (Thor) workout regime to and diet plan to pack on the muscles to play Bane. I'm confident he can do it. Just watch this video and you can see what I mean. When he played Bronson ; which is based on a real person.     



Yeah I see this actually working :D
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Yeah , i hope they do him justice.
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Sorry, but multiple threads about this have already been closed & there are two articles (here & here) about it.