Need Some Big Help From My Fellow Viners !!! :D

  My good friend Mandi Brooks is in a modeling contest and really needs your votes !! You can vote once a day from your pc and once from your phone until Feb 15th. Please go to  and click on cast your vote and click on Mandi Brooks and then click vote !! And don't forget to VOTE every day !! Thank you all for your ... support!! :D





I don't know who's in charge of the Vitrix Model Team site and the contest , but they have cleared the votes TWICE now. Due to their claims of "cheating" involved. Which is bogus to me. They say they have fixed the problems and won't clear it again. So please don't give up on my friend Mandi Brooks . Because we need ALL your support to win this contest XD - Thank You guys and gals. :D
Posted by Sexy Merc

What if I find another girl I want to vote for?

Posted by Bruce Vain
@Sexy Merc:
Lol you have the right to do that.  
Buuut it be alot cooler if you voted for my friend ha ha. :D
Posted by Cherry Bomb

Wow (: she's gorgeous  

Posted by Bruce Vain
@Cherry Bomb: