Can't Wait For Smallville Season10

Ever since season 7 I've become a born again Smallville fan. I'm finally happy they got rid of Lana (she was becoming a drag) & are having the show become more like him being Superman. The way this season just ended gave me goosebumps and a taste of things to come for next season. Seeing the little clues of who might possibly be the next baddie just makes me grin like a mad man. With certain clues that I hope will be ; like Green Arrow yelling out it's not Kandorians & making me believe it's Parademons, the rise of Intergang, seeing the dream of Clark in the suit leading to next season hopefully he will be wearing it , & the Old Lady in the hospital possible being  Granny Goodness & kidnapping Tess to be one of her Female Furies. Fun Fact : Granny Goodness pet dog was named Mercy. Though I doubt she will be turned into a dog , like I've seen people have been saying in forums. But I do believe she WILL be treated LIKE a dog. So putting all these together just makes you go yessss Darkseid is coming. :-D . Also, what other major baddie of Superman can you think of be the main villain for next season besides Darkseid ? I can't think of anyone else BUT him. And seeing how Doomsday turned out I could actually see it    be pulled off since I was surprised how well Doomsday had looked. Since Tom Welling annouced today that this will be the last season. They should just go balls to the wall & go all out.  Bring back Toyman, Metallo, Parasite , Brainiac, Silver Banshee & Doomsday. Perhaps introduce Conduit maybe. And Mike should return at least a couple episodes as Lex. Grant it he said he doesn't plan on it, but seriously man it's not like you're really doing anything else. Introduce New Genesis with Orion, Highfather, Mr.Miracle, Big Barda, & also on the Apokolips side Stepphenwulf, Kalibak & the Female Furies.
Now the question is who could or should play Darkseid on the show. 
My 2 candidates are Michael Ironside & Gene Simmons. 
Now true Michael is already on the show as General Lane ,Lois's father ; but we haven't seen him in a while. I mean he was the voice of Darkseid so I don't see why it couldn't happen. And besides all he would have to do is wear the muscle suit and prosthetic mask and you won't recognize him.  
Some might laugh at me saying Gene but I  can see it actually work. He has this very calm demeanor very Darkseid like. He has the height, the voice and the mug to pull it off. If the muscle suit could work for Vinnie Jones & Tim Curry it could work for Gene.  Gene is a big comic book guy mainly Superman. Not only that ,in a Wizard magazine interview he was asked. If he could play any villain who would it be ? His answer was Darkseid. After thinking about it I was like you know what I could see him actually pulling that off. Maybe not for a Superman movie but for a show like Smallville , why not. 
Anyways just figured I share my thoughts on whats gonna happen or should happen in next season of Smallville.
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