FINALLY !!! The Tekken Movie Trailer !

Finally we get to see the Tekken trailer. This has been hard to find and doesn't show a release date. But like I said at least we finally get to see them in action. Personally, I don't know how well this is going to be. But it certainly looks better than the 2 Street Fighter movies, Double Dragon, DOA, and the soon to be released King of Fighters. Which just looks terrible to me. I have to say what I like about this Tekken movie is how accurate the characters look and how they actually got
martial artists for this. I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing this and hoping it will be good. I'm sure the fights will be.  

Japanese Poster
UK Dvd Cover

Anyways for your viewing pleasure here is the Tekken trailer. What do you think ? Yay or nay ? 

Kanye West Is Everywhere!!

It seems that no one not even the villains of the Marvel universe is safe from Kanye West. That man just pops outta nowhere . Someone must stop this evil pest !! ha ha 

Milkman vs. Mailman

If you don't know who  Barats and Bereta are you should check out there youtube page. They have some great original stuff that is just hilarious. 



Benicio Del Toro's The Wolfman Trailer

Finally they released the trailer of the remake of my  personal favorite classic the Wolfman. This just looks superb in everyway and Emily Blunt looking stunning as always. Finally, werewolves get their shot in the spotlight been tired of all these vampires lately except 30 Days of Night. 

FINALLY!!! Iron Man 2 Comic-Con Footage! HURRY MUST SEE!!!

FINALLY I've found leaked footage of Iron Man 2 footage from Comic-Con. Now it's kiiind of hard to make out some of the dialogue. Not so much with Robert's but mostly with Mickey's when he's doing the Russian accent. Other than that he looks great definitely gonna whoop some ass. A few quick shots of Black Widow & one very cool flight sequence of Iron Man who looks like he's being shot at with heavy artillery. Also, it was a very nice touch to have Tool in the background. =)......AND The last scene you will LITERALLY JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS!!!  Annnnnd I think you KNOW what I'm talking about!! So enjoy it before it gets taken off. 
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