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At the very least I like that Wonder Woman is upfront as the focal point.

I will say they all look very angry, that superman is dark.

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Superboy is a clone, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that in the reboot there are two clones.

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Rogue is an interesting answer, if she touched him would she absorb his powers and could that knock him out?

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I've been wondering for while what people think about super hero stories told in a traditional prose format; as short stories or novels. I haven't seen many books focus on this subject and I was wondering what the general consensus is about them from the community that loves heroes. I just self published a collection of super hero short stories on kindle so I'm really interested to know if people don't like to read them, if people want to, if they feel they get enough from comics, or if there are loads of super hero books out there and I'm just being blind. I love comics but I'd read a book with similar themes, I'm interested in what people have to say about this subject in general but I'd love some reading suggestions too.

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@Caligula: No, it's sort of a standing thing as long as the magazine exists.
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@Sheep-Kill:   Beyond the panel descriptions I don't really have anything else to add to it in terms of layout. I would like the art to have an other worldy look to it, but again I'm no artist so if you can come up with something kick ass I'm not going to say no. Do you have any art examples I could take a look at? I'd love to see your work and maybe go from there?
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I can't believe stuff like this still exists in comics, horrible.

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I've written a three page comic I was considering submitting to CLiNT magazine for their space oddities section and I am looking for an artist to collaborate with. I have no artistic skills, at all.
 The premise is to take the somewhat clichéd idea of a man meeting a sphinx and to put a unique twist on it.

The story is of a man walking down a lonesome road who finds himself suddenly accosted by a creature of myth and legend. He is taken quite by surprise and after a little exchange of words the sphinx gives him a riddle to answer, a riddle that should he fail to answer correctly will end in his death. Now this is no normal riddle, it's one that was made legendary years ago and has been used in books, TV, and film for years. The man avoids answering the riddle and instead brings this up with the sphix, who seems very upset by this. The story ends with the man trying to comfort the sphinx and making sure she's alright.

I didn't want to fill the page with the script so that can be found here Space Oddities Script Submission: Sphinx

Let me know if you'd like to work on it or if you have any general feedback that would also be welcome. Even if you decide you don't want to work on it I appreciate you taking the time to read this anyway, thanks. 

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Glad most people agree with me, though I will say I haven't read any of the stuff with Damian yet, I have the comics on order, so I can't really say what I think of him as Robin. I'll try and keep an open mind when I read them.