One and Only WildCATS! (New 52)

A spin-off from my Milestone/Wildstorm Integration Project list. I apologize if I have too many lists but they are either a) dedicated to a singular area like Kree for ease or b) my thoughts on what to have on a series. This one will be about the WildC.A.T.S. being integrated in the New 52 if I was a DC writer which is only wishful thinking on my part. But anyway, this is what I would try to work on with Jim Lee if he was willing. So, here goes....

The creation of the team would happen only after a two-part cross-over event. The first one will deal with the Daemonite attempt to conquer Earth. As shown in the New 52, the Daemonites are facing an evolutionary crisis and feel that Earth is destined by prophecy to be their new home. So, the Daemonites during the cross-over finally show themselves to the world with Helspont taking charge to make it the new capital of his empire as he seeks to re-assert his rule over his people. Things to discover is the Daemonites attempting to cultivate the Metagene for their needs leading to 'seedlings' being present around the world with an 'activator' designed to awaken their abilities. This conflict would culminate in a final battle where the Daemonites would be defeated with Helspont being knocked out by Superman and his forces deciding to purge the planet with their battleship. But they are stopped by the Kherubim who bring in a large force that eliminate the orbital Daemonite forces and claim to be allies coming to protect Earth with Majestros taking Helspont into custody as a war criminal.

And then we begin with part 2 of the cross-over as the seemingly nice Kherubim have their own designs for Earth and its populace. They intend to force their way into power as they are also interested in mankind's genetic potential. Internal strife within the Kherubim lead to the various factions trying to one-up each other with some thinking of plunging their imperium into a civil war with Earth as their capital. Initially, there is a tense peace until the Kherubim eventually become overt in their approach with this being similar to the DCAU's Thanagarian plotline. At the height, the heroes and humanity join together to fight off the Kherubim with some of their kind turning against their own people as they see the corruption in their society. These will be led by Lord Emp and the conflict ends with Superman attempting to convince Majestros that his peoples actions are wrong. However, Majestros's loyalty to his people is too strong and decides to attack. Its only during this battle that Helspont his freed from imprisonment and helps defeat Majestros before escaping. With their defeat, the Green Lantern Corps arrive in force forcing a peaceful withdrawal by the Kherubim except for those that decide to stay behind on Earth.

Now we have the basis for the WildC.A.T.S. who would be Kherubim or hybrids that decide to follow Lord Emp. Earth is now demonstrating a xenophobic streak with many hating what the Kherans had done to them. However, some recognition is given by Earth's heroes to Emp who uses his advanced tech to create a fortune and founds the Halo Corporation to help better mankind to atone for his peoples actions and provide a haven for his kind. The WildC.A.T.S. would be outcasts working for the greater good in a world that somewhat hates them thus distinguishing them from other superhero teams. The basis would similar to that of the X-Men but its not Mutants but rather aliens in the equation.

So, the book would primarily be about the WildC.A.T.S. but the back-up would follow the adventures of Majestros in space.

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