Milestone/Wildstorm Integration Project

After the Flashpoint, both Milestone and Wildstorm have been fully integrated into the New 52. Well, Milestone was already but Wildstorm is now. DC has tried quite a few series to integrate the Wildstorm characters but they have failed. So, here's a list of Milestone and Wildstorm characters along with thoughts on how I would retool them. Ultimately, they would best function in their own separate universe but since they have merged here is how I think they could work.

Crossover storyline split into three parts:

  1. Invasion
  2. Occupation
  3. Liberation

List items

Posted by Mangakid1995

Please pitch this to DC. Please.

Posted by BrotherEye

@mangakid1995: Haha, thank you for the kind words :) I wish I could do so, I really do though I doubt DC would read them. Not really a writer but there are much better ways to handle some of the stuff in the New 52 then what has been done already. Mind you, I suppose that's what every comic fan says but its nice to see others liking my take on stuff!

Posted by Thor_Ul

Nice concepts, I wish DC could use the characters in this fashion.

Posted by BrotherEye


Thanks :) I personally hope DC just manages to use the characters well and integrate them into their wider universe. There is just so much potential and its just not being reached but that might be changing now as we get to see Grifter in Future's End and there is a tease of Superboy and Gen 13. So, hopefully things are going to get better at least for some of the concepts/characters. Nothing on Milestone yet but I'm hoping Static makes an appearance again... maybe as part of the Teen Titans.