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This was a fun event and great use of the New Gods. Sure, Izaya wasn't his nice cheery old self but this is character development to the Highfather we remember. Hopefully, this means New Genesis will stand with Earth when Darkseid arrives.

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Loving this book. Lineup is interesting and diverse. No godlings though and I woulbdt be averse if they added Sersi in the line-up for some added Kirby factor but this is a good book regardless. Only hope that the twins don't become Inhumans - not because I don't like Inhumans because I do but because it would be a bad move to make. But anyway, viva la Remender and Acuna!

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Darn, so I'm loosing three Lantern Books, Swamp Thing and Forever People. Really surprised about GLC. Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns though looked like they would end after Soule left. With Jordan leaving, also seemed like New Guardians was over. Had hopes that someone good could take over Swampy but alas... And I liked the Forever People... why must Kidby stuff end? First OMAC now this...

I don't get why DC OKed some of these new titles of they were going to end them. Klarion and Trinity of Sin seem pointless now. And Klarion seems like a real wasted opportunity as it looked like a chance for DC to have their own Kid Loki.

Aquaman and the Others had a lot of potential but I think failed to live up to it. It was plagued with the same mediocrity of Firestorms last few issues. No offense to Jurgens as I like him as a person bug his stories are just too plain, simple and not exciting.

And finally, Worlds Finest is over. Apologies to those that liked this book but this one really frustrated me. It just never went anywhere despite having the potential of getting a female equivalent to Batman/Superman. The fact that it lost its star characters and became a flash back book seemed evident it's days were numbered.

Batwoman I think struggled under the new creative team. If it's over with no relaunch, here's hoping for a new Birds of Prey with Kate in charge and her training Bette, Stephanie and Harper.

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@truemarvel: Incredibly high caliber, great story telling and fantastic range of characters. It's painful to watch Avengers Assemble after A:EMH. Best of luck to AA and all but A:EMH was the superior show.

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I would also add Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Legion of Superheroes into the mix. But all were good shows. My two favourite ones were A:EMH and YJ but I enjoyed each of these toons immensely and felt it a real shame that they were cancelled. GL:TAS considering the person involved in it, I felt it was very bad that they cancelled it before Timm could do Blackest Night as he wanted. And on top of that, they cancelled it or Beware the Batman only to cancel that show as well which was shame since that one did some nice new stuff like having more obscure characters there.

Just seeing this list makes me all sad again :(

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Among the best uses of Cadmus I thought was Superboy. Kind of miss that in the New 52.

My story idea would be involving the origins of Cadmus and looking at their various creations. Cadmus is just such a great creation.

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@boynerdgeek: What about Infinity Man and the Forever People? That's New Gods right there.

On the build up, I feel this did better than say Blight. That was agonisingly slow and parroting things before. This had some development namely saving the Star Sapphires.

Also, New God archers? That was awesome. Raining down arrows that go ping ping ping before exploding. Only thing was I wanted to know the name of the 'regiment'. Like how Orion commands the Divine Guard, I want names for these other units of the military of New Genesis.

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Godhead is fun and must say that the GL line is doing wonderfully as I thought it would fall apart after Johns.

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Got to admit, that kind of intrigued me on the show with the Alexandra thing.

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Was a fun show, a shame really. Not sure if I would say it was the best cartoon ever as there were others that would beat it there but many of them including the rebooted ThunderCats deserved to had continued. A shame.